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The Forest Society is an organization of undergraduate and graduate students with specific interests in forestry.
Our objectives are to promote the practice of good forest stewardship, with respect to the concepts of sustainable yield, biodiversity, and multiple use. In addition, we encourage members to become aware and involved with forestry issues, promote social activities, as well as increase contact with the forest community.
The Forest Society is very active, both on and off the university campus. We have a number of sports teams (men, women, and co-ed), competing in the univeristy intramural circuit. Throughout the academic year, we host numerous social events and also participate in those hosted by the ALES faculty.
Trees Sales is a major fundraiser for the Forest Society, and begins annually in mid-December. Volunteers sell several varieties of Christmas trees to the public from a convenient location right on the university campus. A portion of Christmas tree sales are donated to the United Way and donations are also collected for Foresters Without Borders.




U of A Forest Society
204B General Services Building University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada T6G 2P5

Phone: (780) 492 - 5625

Email: uofafs@ualberta.ca