Martyn Unsworth : Graduate students at the University of Alberta

PhD students

    Enci Wang : Long-period MT studies of the continental lithosphere

    Ben Lee : Geothermal exploration with magnetotelluric data

MSc students

    Darcy Cordell : Laguna del Maule volcanic field (Chile)

Former graduate students at the University of Alberta

  • Wen Xiao, MSc, 2004 : Magnetoteluric exploration in Rocky Mountain Foothills : Download Thesis as PDF
  • Volkan Tuncer, MSc, 2007 : Exploration for unconformity type uranium deposits : A case study from the McArthur River Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada : Download Thesis as PDF
  • Ersan Turkoglu, PhD, 2009 : A magnetotelluric investigation of the Arabia-Eurasia collision in Eastern Anatolia Download Thesis as PDF
  • Edward Bertrand, PhD, 2010 : Magnetotelluric imaging beneath the Taiwan orogen: An arc-continent collision Download Thesis as PDF
  • Greg Nieuwenhuis, MSc, 2011 : Magnetotelluric Imaging of Precambrian Lithosphere Beneath Southern Alberta Download Thesis as PDF
  • Andrea Cochrane, MSc thesis on geothermal studies in Northern Alberta was in progress when Andrea passed away in June 2011.
  • Dennis Rippe, PhD, 2012 : Magnetotelluric constraints on the role of fluids in convergent plate boundaries Download Thesis as PDF
  • Mitch Liddell , MSc, 2014 : Magnetotelluric Imaging of Electrically Anisotropic Crust Near Fort McMurray, Alberta: Implications for Engineered Geothermal Systems Download Thesis as PDF
  • Ben Lee , MSc, 2015 : Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Imaging of Porphyry Copper Deposits with MT and ZTEM Data Download Thesis as PDF
  • Matthew Comeau , PhD, 2015 : Electrical Resistivity Structure of the Altiplano-Puna Magma Body and Volcan Uturuncu from Magnetotelluric Data Download Thesis as PDF

Former graduate students at the University of Washington

  • Xinyou Lu

    PhD thesis : Inversion of Controlled Source Audio-magnetotelluric data, 1999. Now at Exxon-Mobil

  • Paul Bedrosian

    Phd Thesis : Electromagnetic imaging of active faults, 2002.

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