Station locations in Google Earth format

TAIGER project (2006-2007)

  • Location of NIMS sites. Download TAIGER-NIMS-2006-7.kml

    Eastern Anatolia (2005)

  • Long-period stations (74 NIMS sites). Download dan_nims_sites_2005.kml
  • Broadband stations (50 V5-2000 sites). Download dan_mtu_sites_2005.kml

    Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia (2005)

  • LITHOPROBE Alberta basement (323 LIMS stations). Download Lithoprobe-ABT.kml
  • LITHOPROBE Southern Cordilelra (V5). Download Lithoprobe-SCORD.kml
  • Foothills 2002 (26 V5-2000 stations). Download FH_2002.kml
  • ABC South Line (NIMS and LIMS). Download ABC-N-line.kml
  • ABC North Line (NIMS and LIMS). Download ABC-S-line.kml
  • Northern Alberta 2004 (NIMS). Download NAB-2004.kml
  • Northern Alberta 2006 (NIMS). Download NAB-2006.kml

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