MT group at the University of Alberta

Current graduate students and post-docs

Name Start End Degree Topic -
Enci Wang 2013 - PhD MT studies of Western Laurentia -
Darcy Cordell 2014 - PhD Volcanic unrest at Laguna del Maule -
Ben Lee 2015 - PhD Geothermal exploration with 3-D MT -
Sean Bettac 2017 - MSc Southern Peru subduction zone -

Former Graduate students at the University of Alberta

Wen Xiao 2001 2004 MSc MT Exploration in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, Alberta -
Volkan Tuncer 2003 2007 MSc Thesis : Exploration for unconformity type uranium deposits with AMT data: A case study from the McArthur River Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada Terranotes
Ersan Turkoglu 2003 2009 PhD A Magnetotelluric Investigation of the Arabia Eurasia Collision in Eastern Anatolia Saudi Aramco
Edward Bertrand 2005 2010 PhD MT imaging beneath the Taiwan orogen: An arc-continent collision GNS, New Zealand
Dennis Rippe 2007 2012 PhD Magnetotelluric constraints on the role of fluids in convergent plate boundaries GFZ
Greg Nieuwenhuis 2009 2011 MSc Magnetotelluric Imaging of Precambrian Lithosphere Beneath Southern Alberta Groundmetrics
Andrea Cochrane 2010 2011 MSc Geothermal exploration -
Matthew Comeau 2010 2015 PhD Electric Structure of the Altiplano-Puna Magma Body from MT Data U. Munster
Mitch Liddell 2011 2014 MSc MT Imaging of Electrically Anisotropic Crust Near Fort McMurray, Alberta: Implications for Engineered Geothermal Systems Imperial College (PhD)
Ben Lee 2012 2015 MSc Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Imaging of Porphyry Copper Deposits with MT and ZTEM Data U. Alberta (PhD)
David Miles 2012 2015 MSc Advances in Fluxgate Magnetometry for Space Physics -

Post-docs and visiting scholars

Name Start End Topic Current position
Wolfgang Soyer Sept 2002 March 2005 Post-doc Canadian Cordillera CGG
Di Qingyun Sept 2002 August 2003 Visiting scholar Inversion of CSAMT data CAS
Ye Gaofeng Feb 2005 August 2005 Visiting scholar SE Tibet CUGB
Jin Sheng Feb 2005 August 2005 Visiting scholar SE Tibet CUGB
Abdul Azeez June 2008 June 2009 Post-doc Central India Tectonic Zone NGRI
Zhang Lili Sept 2010 March 2011 Visiting scholar AMT CAS
Zhan Yan Nov 2010 Oct 2011 Visiting scholar Haiyuan Fault CEA
Juliane Hubert May 2012 July 2014 Post-doc ZTEM Univ. of Edinburgh
Ye Gaofeng Oct 2015 Oct 2016 Visiting scholar CAOB CUGB
An Zhiguo Sept 2016 Feb 2017 Visiting scholar WEM CAS

Other graduate students supervised

Name Start End Degree Topic Current position
Cate Hydeman 2005 2009 MSc (committee), U. Alberta Wagner Bog -
Anna Wagner 2003 2007 PhD (co-supervised), U. Alaska Hydrogeology of Amchitka Island US Army Corps of Engineers
Umit Avsar 2007 2011 PhD (co-supervised), ITU North Anatolian Fault TUBITAK

Undergraduate students

Greg Kovacs 2002 2003 PHYS499 MT(magnetotelluric) methods and applications in subsurface geological characterizations -
Alex Walcott 2003 2004 PHYS499 Long period MT at Meanook observatory Walcott Geoscience
Allan Gray 2010 2011 BSc Honors Thesis Investigation of Industrial Thermal Data for use in exploration of Enhanced Geothermal Systems in the Oil Sands of Northern Alberta -
Jordan Phillips Sept 2014 Dec 2014 PHYS499 Thermal Conductivity Analysis of Crystalline Basement Rocks in Northern Alberta and the Impact on Geothermal Potential -

Visiting graduate students

Gautam Rawat July 2006 July 2006 PhD Indian Himalaya WIHG
Oriol Rosell Sept 2009 Nov 2009 PhD Modelling anisotropy University of Barcelona
Zhang Letian Nov 2010 Oct 2011 PhD Altyn Tagh Fault CUGB
Yin Yaotian Dec 2011 Oct 2013 PhD Anisotropy CUGB
Dong Zeyi Jan 2013 Dec 2013 PhD Northeast China CEA
Yanet Antayhua Jan 2015 Jan 2015 PhD Tres Virgenes geothermal field CEA
Xu Shan Sep 2015 Feb 2017 PhD South China Block UNAM
Valentina Reyes Oct 2016 Nov 2016 MSc Laguna del Maule UChile
Jiang Feng Jan 2017 - PhD Sichuan CEA

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