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Biographic note
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Yurij Laniuk was born June 7, 1957 in Lviv, Ukraine. As a child, he attended the S. Krushelnytska Special Music School in Lviv, specializing in cello performance. In 1975, he graduated and was accepted into Yevhen Shpitser's classes at the M.V. Lysenko State Conservatory in Lviv. In 1980, he completed his studies in cello performance and was accepted into a post-degree program at the P.K. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory (Kyiv). There, he studied with Vadym Chervov, completing the program in 1982. He returned to Lviv and began to work as a cello instructor/teacher where he furthered his studies in music composition under the guidance of Professor Dezyderij Zador. Since 1990, he has held the position of associate professor with a joint appointment in the String and Music Composition Departments at the M.V.Lysenko State Music Institute of Higher Learning (formerly the M.V. Lysenko State Conservatory).

He continues to perform as a cellist, frequently performing his own works, both as a soloist and with full orchestras. He has performed in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the USA as well as his native Ukraine.

His compositions include "Chamber Music for 21 Instruments" (available on CD), "Chant pour un Equinoxe" (to the words of Saint-John Perse for soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra), "The Thorns Lament" (to the poems of B.I. Antonych for soprano and orchestra), "Anticipation Sonata" (for cello, piano and four melodic voices), and "Musique pour Recherche" (for 9 instruments). His works have been performed by various performers in and outside Ukraine, including Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Canada and the USA. Yuri Laniuk's compositions have become part of the standard repertoire of the Polish Radio Orchestra and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony.

In 1989, he was named "Laureate" of the L.Revutskyj National Award in Music Composition.

During the 1994-98 period he composed a new work entitled "Palimpsesty" for choir and symphony orchestra where he combined Biblical quotes in ancient Greek and the poetry of Vasyl Stus in Ukrainian. The world premiere of "Palimpsesty" was performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (Edmonton, AB Canada) February 19 & 20, 1999.

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