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Vasyl Stus VASYL STUS:

A selection of resources by and about Vasyl Stus

Ukrainian Publications

  1. Stus, Vasyl. Tvory u chotyriokh tomakh, shesty knyhakh. Edited by Mykailyna Kotsiubynska et al., Lviv: Prosvita, 1997.

  2. ----. V zhytti, tvorchosti, sponadakh, ta otsinkakh suchasnykiv. Edited by Osyp Zinkeweych and Mykola Francuzenko. Baltimore: Smoloskyp Publishers, 1987.

  3. ----. Palimpsesty. n.p.: Suchasnist, 1986.

  4. ----. Phenomen doby. Kiev: Znannia, 1993.

  5. ----. Selected Poems. Munich: The Ukrainian Free University, 1987.

  6. ----. Svicha v svichadi. 2nd edition. n.p.: Suchasnist, 1986.

  7. ----. Tvory u chotyriokh tomakh shesty knyhakh. Lviv: Prosvita, 1994.

English Publications

  1. Stus, Vasyl. Selected Poems. Translated and edited by Jaropolk Lassowsky. Munich: The Ukrainian Free University, 1987.

  2. Kostash, Myrna. "Inside the Copper Mountain," The Doomed Bridegroom: A Memoir. Edmonton: New West Press, 1998. pp 34 -70.


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