Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
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The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is an open-air museum that was built to resemble pioneer settlements in east central Alberta.  Buildings from the surrounding communities have been moved to the Village and restored to various years within the first part of the twentieth century.  As well, you can often meet people in historic costumes here who play the roles of the men, women and children who lived at the time.

This guide will help you tour the Village.  Through its maps, interviews, music, photographs, dictionaries, bibliography and descriptions, you will discover more about the buildings that are preserved here, and about the history and lifestyles of Alberta's early settlers.  Enjoy your visit!

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Clickable map of the Overview Zone 1. Reception Centre  
2.  Pylypow House  
3.  Hawreliak House 
4.  Food kiosk  
5.  Statue of Vasyl Stefanyk  
6. War memorial  
7.  Bandshell 
8.  Entrance to Tours


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