Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the completely reshaped U of A Musicians’ Club. In case if you’ve forgotten what membership to The U of A Musicians’ Club entitles you to, here it is again:

-----a Jam Space on campus thats fully loaded with a drum set, amps, a PA system, a keyboard and acoustic and electric guitars available to use 24/7! All of which is conveniently located in lower level of SUB! So in between studying, why not take a quick “Jam Break”? (NOTE: Drums can only be used after 5PM. Or you’ll have the Bookstore bearding down upon you.)

-----Weekly Jams where you can make new friends, open your mind to new music, and find members for your band. Or you can just jam out for a good six hours (we usually heard over to RATT to recuperate and re-hydrate ourselves after our epic jam sessions)! All genres and new music are enthusiastically welcomed, from jazzed-up Funk to good ol’ fashioned Rock’n’Roll to mellow Acoustic folk to deep Electronic techno to the darkest of Metal. Every genre for every Musicians.

-----Charity Concerts our members can participate in and help organize. Give back to the community, and experience the thrill of inspiring others with your music. Get some volunteer experience, and jam out at the same time (I’m pretty sure there isn’t any other volunteer work funner than this).

So be sure to drop by every Friday at 5:00PMlower-level SUB in the Students Group Lounge have an epic Jam Session with us! (Note: Since there will be a limited number of instruments, we highly recommend that you bring your own Acoustic Guitars, Microphones, Microphones stands, Drum Sticks, and possibly amps.)   

            Please pay your $10 Annual Membership Fee if you haven’t already yet paid.

Hope to see all of you on Friday and join the club for the amazing year that we have ahead of us. Be sure to add us on Facebook too!

And as AC/DC said, "for those about to rock, we salute you."

Peace and take care.

The Executives of The U of A Musicians' Club

The U of A Musicians' Club