Willkommen! Welcome!

What is the German Club? We are a group of German speakers and learners at the University of Alberta. Undergrads, grads, native speakers, L2 learners and everything in between, we welcome anyone interested in the German language to join us for a drink and a chat.

As an official student group, we host events throughout the year including our weekly "Stammtisch" or "Chat Table". You'll find us every Thursday afternoon in Dewey's starting at 4:00 pm, just look for the flags.

We also have a multitude of resources on our website for all your "how do you say?" moments, just check out our links section for learning tools and general links of interest. If you're really brave, you can venture on to our executives page to meet the crazies that run the club. But really, we aren't all that crazy, just stoked about German.

This website is maintained by volunteers!

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