Text Box: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
University of Alberta, Senate Chamber, 3rd Floor, Arts and Convocation Hall

12th Annual St. Jerome’s Day: 
Women in Translation

Keynote Speaker: Valerie Henitiuk

The organizing committee wishes to thank our sponsors:

The Faculty of Arts; the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta; Modern Languages & Cultural Studies; East Asian Studies; 

Website: http://www.ualberta.ca/~transday/

Text Box: 8:30-8:45       Coffee and Goodies
(Faculty Lounge, 3rd Floor, Arts and Convocation Hall)

8:45-9:00       Greetings
        Anne Malena, Organizer
        Laura Beard, MLCS Chair
9:00-10:00     Keynote Address
	Chair: Anne Malena 
Valerie Henitiuk
Translating Women’s Silences

10:00-10:15	Break (Faculty Lounge)

10:15-11:45	Panel I
	Chair: Leila McMann

	Angela Sacher
	Reflections on Translation in the Life and Works of Johanna Kinkel

	Tom Priestly
	The Preponderance of Women among Translators in Slovenia: Causes and Effects

Roman Ivashkiv
	Female Translators in Ukrainian Postmodernist Fiction: A “Masculine Take” on “Feminine (In)Fidelity” in Translation 
11:45-1:00   	Lunch and Raffle (Faculty Lounge) Panel II

1:00-2:30	Panel II

Elena Siemens
Translating Fashion Photography:

Peter Hála
Feminine Soul, Womanhood and Nation — The Slovak Stories of Timrava and their English Translation

Lynn Penrod
	Women Writing/Translating in Swedish/English: Who Knew?

2:30-4:30	Panel III
Chair: Tom Priestly

Julie Tarif
	Hey Guys, Once Upon a Time was Sexist Language…

Noral Stovel
	Fanny Price, Queen of the Ball: Dancing As a Rehearsal for Marriage In Mansfield Park

	C(h)ris Reyns-Chikuma
Playing with the m/paternity rights in two crossover pieces of literature: And Tango Makes Three and in its translation/adaptation Tango a deux papas et pourquoi pas?

Odile Cisneros, Ann De León and Stefano Muneroni Translating and Performing Poetry from the Mexico-US Border: Three Approaches to the Issue of Gender

4:30-6:00	Reception and Round Table (Faculty Lounge)
	Valerie Henitiuk (Editor-in-Chief for Translation Studies), Anne Malena (Chief Editor for TranscUlturAl) and Peter Midgley (University of Alberta Press) will briefly discuss Publishing in Translation and invite audience participation