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Born: 16 May, 1937, Kampala, Uganda

Lived: England, 1943-1966; Canada, 1966-present

Citizenship: British, Canadian

Marital Status: Married, two children



1946-55: Christ's Hospital, Horsham, Sussex, England

1956: Joint Services School for Linguists, U.K.

1957-60: Downing College, Cambridge (Russian and German; Slavic History and Linguistics; French Linguistics): B.A. Honours, 1960; M.A., 1965

1960-61: Department of Education, Oxford: Diploma, 1961

1963: Summer course for teachers of Russian, Moscow

1966-70: Simon Fraser University, B.C.: Ph.D., 1972. (Dissertation: “A test of the comparative method: the reconstruction of Proto-South-East-Slavic.")

1973, 1977, 1988: Seminar in Slovene Language, Literature & Culture, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

Languages spoken: English, Russian, German, French, Slovene; also read: other Slavic languages, some Dutch, Italian, Welsh.



1961-66: Teacher of Russian and German, Withywood Comprehensive School, Bristol, England

1966-70: Graduate Associate, Simon Fraser University, B.C.

1970-2002: Assistant Professor (from 1976 Associate Professor; from 1982, Professor; from 2002, Emeritus Professor) of Russian and Slavic Linguistics, University of Alberta.

1989-2002: Adjunct Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta.







Joint Winner, Poetry Competition No.39, Journal of Russian Studies, Jan. 1988 (for translation of Anna Akhmatova, “To the inhabitants of London”).

 “Fran Miklošič” Award, Daniel Berszenyi College, Szombathely, Hungary, May 27, 1994.

Henry Kreisel Teaching Award, Departments of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies & Comparative Studies in Literature, Religion, Film and Media Studies, University of Alberta, for 1998-1999.

McCalla Research Professorship, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, for 2000-2001.

Častni znak svobode Republike Slovenije, awarded Sept. 19, 2000, conferred Dec. 5, 2000

Federal Chancellery, Republic of Austria, Prize for Translation ATS 25,000.00, Jan. 2001

Faculty of Arts Research Award, April 2001

University of Alberta Killam Annual Professor, July 2001-June 2002

Janežičevo priznanje, Krščanska kulturna zveza, Carithia, Austria, August 2007.



Associate, Urban Jarnik Ethnographic Institute, Klagenfurt/Celovec, 1997-

Member, Advisory Board, Wirth Centre for Austrian and East European Studies, 1998-

Member, Scientific Board of the Carinthian Institute for Ethnic Minorities, 2000-2003

Chair, SSHRC Research Grants Committee 5 (Linguistics), 1991

Assessor for SSHRC Research Grants Applications (7)

Assessor for Killam Research Fellowship (1)

Assessor for MacArthur Fellowship (1)

 “PRIESTLY [pristli], Tom,” Enciklopedija Slovenije 9 (Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga, 1995), 335.

Cultural lecturer, Danube cruise, September 1992.



'Glycophilia': I collect sugar-packets; I now concentrate on those from Slovenia, Austria, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Genealogy: On my father's side I have traced links back to the 1810s and 1820s (Jonathan Priestly, Harriet Shaw, David Gullon Pinkney and Mary Ann Garbutt, all of Sunderland and Durham. On my mother's side I have reached as far back as the 1730s-1760s (Joseph Jeffrys and Abel Evans of Shropshire, Willam Yarnold and Mary Edwin of Worcestershire, and Thomas Eccles, Martha Haworth of Blackburn, Lancashire) and to the 1770s (David Thomas Davies and Elizabeth Morgan, both of  Monmouthshire; James Pearce and Mary Westrup of Essex).


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