An overview of my approach to phonetics can be found in the 1997 article " Speech perception as pattern recognition" ( J. Acoust. Soc. Amer., 101(6), 3241-3254.)


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Morrison and Nearey 2006 (On Geoff’s web site)  Cross linguistic vowel normalizatoin procedure A cross-language vowel normalisation procedure.Morrison, G. S., & Nearey, T. M. (2006). Canadian Acoustics 34(3), 94–95. [Proceedings of the Canadian Acoustical Association Conference 2006, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada]

Nearey and Assmann  2006:  Role of f0 in vowel identification (Providence ASA Poster)

ASA abstract


Hidden semi-Markov modeling of Nearey and Smits data (ASA San Diego 2004)

Nearey San Diego ASA October 2004

ASA Abstract



Assmann & Nearey Barcelona ICPhS Poster

                  Link to the paper (Assmann web page) Assmann, P.F. and Nearey, T.M., (2003).  Frequency shifts and vowel identification. Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain, 3-9 Aug 2003..

Nearey  and Kiefe: Comparison of several proposed perceptual representations of vowel spectra Barcelona PPT presentation (PDF). Nearey & Kiefte Barcelona 2003  ICPhS

Paper: (Not here yet)


Formant tracking ASA Cancun with P. Assmann and J. Hillenbrand

Nearey  Assmann & Hillenbrand: Formant Track Poster Cancun 2002 ASA


Perception of variable length strings ASA Pittsburgh with R. Smits

Nearey & Smits: Abda ASA 2002 PosterPittsburgh          



Spraach 2001 Paper “Toward modeling the perception of variable-length phonetic strings”.


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