Dr. Babadagli has specialized in the physics of fluid and heat flow through porous and fractured media and the optimization of oil/heavy-oil recovery. He has been with the University of Alberta since July 2002 and supervises a number of graduate students and involved in numerous projects . His general areas of interest include the following:
  • Optimization of EOR Processes in Non-fractured and Fractured Reservoirs.
  • Experimental, Stochastic and Numerical Modeling of Fluid/Heat Flow in Heterogeneous/Fractured Porous Media (Waterflooding, Thermal, Immiscible/Miscible Gas, and Low IFT & Polymers).
  • Heavy-Oil Recovery from Sands and Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs.
  • Characterization and Modeling of Fractured Systems.
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering.
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering and Hot Dry Rocks.
  • Simulation and Characterization of Subsurface Reservoirs.

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