Using the RLAI repository

The repository for the group uses subversion. The address of the repository is https://repos.cs.ualberta.ca/repos/rlai_repo. E-mail me for username and password (or TST). If you used the old repository at http://rlai.cs.ualberta.ca/rlai_repo, use the command svn switch --relocate http://rlai.cs.ualberta.ca/rlai_repo https://repos.cs.ualberta.ca/repos/rlai_repo in the directories where you store your working copy on your machine. This command notifies your machine about the repository's new location.

If you would like to put things into the repository, or edit existing things, you must use subversion to access it. Subversion is a command-line tool, but there are some GUI frontends for it (if you are using the GUI's then there is no need to download svn separately.)

Windows: Use tortoisesvn. This is a GUI that actually uses Explorer (i.e., new menus appear in Explorer). Import puts things under the repository, export gets things from the repository. In the status line all the menus are explained in a line!

OS X: Use SCPlugin (in Pathfinder under Leopard, in Finder under Tiger), which is much better than svnx.

Command line: To check out (get a copy) of one of the projects in the group repository do this on the command line (once you have subversion installed):

svn checkout https://repos.cs.ualberta.ca/repos/rlai_repo/project_name
cd project_name

Once you have a checked out copy of a project you can update it (get changes that have occurred since your last update/checkout):

svn update
Or, you can commit (send your changes back to the repository):
svn commit

These commands are good to get you started. A more thorough explanation of svn can be found here.

Merging and Diff: On Windows I used for a long time WinMerge as the file merging/diff tool. I can only recommend this. These days I use DiffMerge, which is also pretty good. One definite advantage of DiffMerge is that it is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix!

Teamwork: Want to schedule events? Visit Doodle Want to have your calendar on your desktop, yet use google? Check out this, or gSync.