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Rick Gingras, BPE (Adapted)
Member, Board of Directors

Rick Gingras, B.P.E., Member, Board of DirectorsIn the spring of 2001, Rick Gingras was awarded a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta where he specialized in Elementary Education.  This degree compliments Rick's first degree, a Bachelor of Physical Education (Adapted), which was awarded to him in 1990.

Prior to returning to the University of Alberta in 1999, Rick held a number of positions at The Steadward Centre (formally Rick Hansen Centre) that kept him involved for just over 10 years. Just prior to graduating with his BPE (Adapted) in 1990, Rick started at the Centre as a Fitness Program Coordinator, and a few years later was promoted to Director of Fitness and Lifestyle Programs. Under Rick's direction, the Centre took a novel turn toward implementing unique in-house recreation, fitness, and community outreach programming. Rick held this position until he resigned from the Centre in 1999 to return to university.

Rick has been actively involved in provision of physical activity for people with a disability for a number of years, as a volunteer with the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (C.W.S.A.), an employee of The Steadward Centre, and most recently as a member of the Centre's Board of Directors.

Rick's most recent endeavour was coordinating the events for athletes with a disability for the 8th IAAF World Championships in Athletics held in Edmonton.  Rick acted as the liaison between the Edmonton 2001 Local Organizing Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.  On the career front, Rick is currently teaching a Special Needs Junior High class for the Edmonton Public School Board.

Rick has been married to Sherri for just over 10 years and they have two boys, Drew and Ryan.

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