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Regular Programs

The three long term programs offered at The Steadward Centre are the mainstays of our programming. Our regular programs run year round and enables individuals to participate in regular exercise to improve health, fitness, mobility, and function.

The three regular programs are, Adult Fitness and Lifestyle Program (AFLP), Stretch n' Tone, and the Free Weight Training Program. AFLP and Stretch n' Tone are offered at all three of our Centres while the Free Weight Training Program is conducted at our main facility at the University of Alberta. Last year, approximately 200 individuals participated in our regular programs translating into 17,135 of 19,470 total visits for all our programs combined.

The main objective of the regular programs is to provide an environment where persons with physical disabilities can receive quality instruction and practice of healthy physical activity principles to enable them to increase their level of experience, education, and independence in regard to leading a healthy active lifestyle.

Adult Fitness & Lifestyle Program

The Adult Fitness & Lifestyle Program (AFLP) provides fitness instruction for individuals who as yet are unable to benefit from programs offered by conventional fitness centres. This is accomplished through customized fitness programs and instruction in resistance training, aerobic fitness exercises and flexibility.

The goal of AFLP is to enable the person to pursue other fitness opportunities within the community at large.

Stretch N' Tone

Stretch N' Tone is designed to provide a fitness program specifically suited to the needs of individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. A variety of light resistance training, aerobic fitness exercises and customized stretching regimes are used to maintain or improve fitness levels.

Free Weight Training Program

The Free Weight Training Program was originally designed to prepare athletes with physical disabilities for competition. This program has been expanded to provide free weight training or circuit training to any individual wishing to pursue this type of physical activity. 

Children and Youth Programs

Centre for Adapted Group and Individual Exercise "CAGE"

The Centre's Children and Youth Programs originally titled "Youth Activation Station", but now will be known as CAGE: Centre for Adapted Group and Individual Exercise. The new name better reflects the program, and uses the name of the program's training area in the Universiade Pavillion (Butterdome), commonly known as "The Cage". Visit the CAGE pages for more information about the programs.

Short Term Programs

With a combination of workshops, seminars, six week exercise classes and special events, The Steadward Centre offers unique and innovative programs providing variety and education in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Series

The Lifestyle Series was introduced at the Centre in 1994 with the goal of encouraging individuals with physical disabilities to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Information is presented in one day workshops or seminars.

Workshops focus on training specific areas of the body or specific energy systems. The anatomy and function of the targeted area are highlighted and emphasis is placed on the use of proper technique to ensure exercises are performed safely. Individuals are encouraged to incorporate the exercises as part of their regular activity. Previous topics have included:

  • Core Stability
  • Lower Leg and Ankle Training
  • Improving Flexibility
  • Improving Wrist and Hand Function

Seminars cover a broad range of topics related to healthy living and physical activity. The goal of seminars is to provide information about healthy living and provide discussion about these topics. Previous topics have included:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Self Defense
  • Adapted Technology
  • Accessible Transportation

Specialty Fitness

Specialty fitness programs are exercise classes that focus on different topics or forms of exercise and learning new skills. The programs range from one day experience-based workshops to twice weekly sessions on specific physical activity over two to six weeks. Specialty programs in the past have included:

  • Learn to Canoe / Kayak
  • Tandem Skydiving
  • Rock Climbing
  • Water in Motion
  • Chair Aerobics
  • Circuit Training
  • Wall Climbing
  • Fencing

Refer to the current Program Flyers for programs and workshops being offered now and in the near future!

Special Events

Special Events are designed to provide individuals with activities to get exposure to different forms of activity and add variety to being active. Previous special events include:

Satellite Centres

In 1993, with the opening of the Leigh McMillan Fitness Centre in Austin O'Brien High School, The Steadward Centre began extending its programs into the community. Austin O'Brien and St. Joseph High Schools are now partners in The Steadward Centre's community outreach. Our continuing community focus will provide more satellite centres and programs in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. 

Austin O'Brien
Satellite Centre

6110 - 95 Avenue, NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 1A5
St. Joseph
Satellite Centre

10830 - 109 Street, NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 3C1
Melanie Fuller
Program Coordinator

Ph. 780-466-7334
Fax 780-466-6994
Avaleigh Wagner
Program Coordinator

Ph. 780-426-2010 ext. 5268
Fax 780-425-1408

Program Flyers

The TSC publishes Program Flyers three times a year.  Follow this link for the latest information on TSC long and short term programs.

Equipment and Facilities

Main Training Area, UofA Campus SiteThe Steadward Centre is equipped with three exercise training areas and state-of-the-art training equipment.

Members are also encouraged to use facilities in the adjoining Physical Education Complex. Among the facilities available are an indoor 200m track, an outdoor 400m track and field area, two swimming pools, gymnasia and other services are available.

SCITCS FES Exercise Clinic

ERGYS Bicycle in FES Clinic, UofA SiteThe Steadward Centre, with generous support from the Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre Society (SCITCS),  provides individuals with spinal cord injuries the most modern scientific advances available in order to for them to enjoy the most independent lifestyle possible.

The SCITCS FES Exercise Clinic offers many forms of Functional Electrical Stimulation assisted physical activity opportunities to individuals with spinal cord injuries.

The Clinic features ERGYS Bicycles from Therapeutic Alliances, Inc.. Check out their web site! 

Fitness Tips

We feature a special section on fitness training tips for everyone, with a focus on persons with disabilities.  Follow the link for TSC's Fit Tips!

Fitness Links

TSC Links.  Come back soon for a special section on fitness web sites for persons with disabilities.

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