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Announcing a New Innovative Program: The Centre for Adapted Group and Individual Exercise!

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The Centre's Children and Youth Programs originally titled "Youth Activation Station", but now will be known as the CAGE: Centre for Adapted Group and Individual Exercise. The new name better reflects the program, and uses the name of the program's training area in the Universiade Pavillion (Butterdome), commonly known as "The Cage" (right).

Who: Children and youth aged 4 to 19 years with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Mission: To provide an opportunity for children and youth to participate in physical activity and fitness programs, to develop skills and knowledge towards health and wellness while asserting his or her autonomy and independence in a fun and social environment.

Facilities: Fully equipped with cardio and weight training equipment. punching bag, fitness balls, balance beams, trampoline-jogger and more...

Brochure available in Adobe PDF format

Upcoming Events and Dates


Monday Oct. 3 6:30-8:00 pm 
Track Night w/ Paralympic Athlete Tony Flores

Fantastic Fridays!

Families welcome!

Friday Oct. 14
Wall Climbing @ Urban Uprisings (in the Butterdome at the University of Alberta)
6:30-7:30 pm Ages 6-10 
7:30-8:30 pm Ages 11+

Monday Oct. 31 Time: TBA
Halloween Party 

Friday Nov. 18  7:30 pm
Golden Bears Hockey Game

Please contact The C.A.G.E. @ 492-9892 for more information or if you are interested in attending an event.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Fitness Centre: 3:00 8:00 pm M-F
    Youth 12 - 19 yrs
    Assessment and Individualized Program
  • Motor Skill Development:
    Children 4 - 12 yrs
    Motor skill assessment
    One on One sessions
    Sessions: 10:00 6:00 pm, M-F
  • Group Fitness: Monday 6:30 8:00 pm
    Individual & Group Exercise
    Social Atmosphere
    Youth 12 - 19 yrs
    Weight training and sport development
  • Sport Sampler: Thursday 6:30 8:00 pm
    Scheduled activity nights
    Different sports
    Ages 7 12, supervised
  • Athlete Mentorship Program:
    Sport minded youth gain understanding of competition and training
    Train with National level athlete with a disability
  • Team Training Program:
    Recreational and Competitive Disability Sport teams
    Sport specific training for teams (season and off season training)

Important Dates for CAGE:

  1. CAGE opened Monday June 6, 2005.
  2. 'Meet an Athlete Night' was held Monday June 13 from 6:30-8pm. Youth 12-19 years had an opportunity to come check out the centre, meet a Paralympic Athlete and sign-up for the Athlete Mentorship Program.

Recent Events and Activities

Follow the link for some photos from these events and activities:

CAGE Sponsors

CAGE is generously supported by grants and gifts-in-kind from the following:

Contact Information

For more information or details, please contact:

Karen Robinson
Youth Program Coordinator
Tel: 780-492-7158

C.A.G.E. Direct Phone Number: 492-9892

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