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Achieve!  March 2003, Volume 2, Number 1

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Indoor Classic & Media Challenge
25th Anniversary of The Steadward Centre
Tributes for TSC Founder
Summer Activity Day & Bar-be-que
Program Update
Recipe Corner
Indoor Classic
Chairman Ticketed
International Day of Disabled Persons
New Faces at TSC
Special Thanks
Campaign Update
Dr. Steadward’s Travels
Research News
Kudos for TSC Personnel
Program Summary

Twelfth Annual Indoor Classic Huge Success! 
Media Challenge “Crashing” Good Fun

Sandy Jacobson, Campaign Administrator, TSC

The Steadward Centre held its 12th Annual Indoor Classic at West Edmonton Mall on March 2. New this year was a Media Challenge. Fourteen media personalities covered the 3km course in wheelchairs in support of people with disabilities. The wheelchairs were donated by Alberta Northern Lights and gloves were provided by Mountain Equipment Co-op.

The Challenge turned out to be quite the competition. Many of our media personalities started out fast with great expectations only to soon realize at how hard the wheeling would become. In the end, we had two course sweepers who helped push most of the personalities to the finish line. Special mention should be made to Mike Soebel of Global TV as he approached the 3km race much like a time trial and was the only media personality to cover the course unassisted.

This Media Challenge proved to be a fantastic element of The Steadward Centre Indoor Classic. Watch for a much larger field next year, possibly with a TV versus radio format.

Media personalities (Front, L to R: Denise Moulton, Power 92, Noah Dodds, Cool 880 and Kelly Campbell, 630 CHED) await the official start by Cam Tait of The Edmonton Journal

Photo Jean Weeks, TSC


Originally the “Research and Training Centre for Athletes with a Disability”, The Steadward Centre has been a presence at the U of A for 25 years. Programs and research at the Centre have provided innumerable opportunities for clients and staff alike to excel in the world of disability health, fitness and sport. 

A 25th Anniversary Celebration with activities will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, July 26 at Foote Field to mark this silver anniversary. Watch for notices and announcements in the coming months with more details of the event! We are seeking people to help plan the event. Please contact Jean Weeks at 492-3182 or if you are interested in volunteering.

Tributes to TSC Founder

Dr. Robert Steadward, Founder and CEO of The Steadward Centre, has received several honours over the past few months, the most recent of which was his appointment to Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, with whom he is sharing his treasury of experience and expertise in sport.

Dr. Steadward has been informed by the Governor-General's office in Ottawa, that he will receive the Golden Jubilee Award, for demonstrating exceptional qualities and outstanding service to Canada, approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is our understanding that Lieutenant Governor Lois Hole will present this Award to Dr. Steadward, in the not too distant future.

In October of 2002, Dr. Steadward travelled to Toronto for an emotional and humbling induction into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame, in the presence of Ontario's Premier, Ernie Eves who in his speech recalled that Helen Keller once said: "No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars… or sailed to an uncharted land…or opened a new heaven to the human spirit." In his closing comments, the Premier described each of the five inductees as "a leader, a role model and a motivator. Each has left his or her mark on our society." Turning directly to Dr. Steadward, the Premier stated that for "over three decades he has devoted his life to making Canada… and the world… a better place for people with disabilities. That is a long time and that is a remarkable contribution." The Terry Fox Hall of Fame provides permanent recognition of outstanding Canadians who have made extraordinary personal contributions to enriching the quality of life for people with physical disabilities. During this special occasion, Dr. Steadward's acceptance speech referred to Terry as having "fought the good fight and did not surrender. He gave it his all; and, he turned challenge into opportunity, leaving the world a legacy of which we are all so very, very proud.” Dr. Steadward mentioned that "Terry and I became good friends a long time ago, he as a (basketball) player, and I as a coach, in British Columbia. Terry went on to epitomize all that I have championed… as a teacher, an international sport leader, a sport scientist and an advocate for equal opportunity for all people, disabled and non-disabled, athletes and non-athletes… I would like to (sincerely thank) the Fox Family for this honour."

Congratulations, Dr. Steadward!

Summer Activity Day and Barbeque!

Will Gill, Manager, Fitness & Lifestyle Programs

The Steadward Centre’s programming centres on physical activity as part of a well rounded healthy lifestyle. One aspect of our programming which takes physical activity out of the gym and into the streets are the special events in our Get Active series. The Steadward Centre holds one special event in each of our three programming blocks throughout the year. The main goal of these special events is to provide an opportunity to be active in the community with friends and family and experience first hand new or different ways to be active.

Our annual Get Active event in the summer is an outdoor activity and barbecue. In previous years, activities have ranged from a wheelchair rodeo to canoeing on the North Saskatchewan River. This year the event will coincide with the celebration of our 25th Anniversary on July 26th.

Come join The Steadward Centre’s 25th Anniversary Summer Barbecue for fun, good food, and prizes. Festivities will include games and activities for all, sports demonstrations, draw prizes and of course the barbecue. The summer barbecue is a always very popular event and fills up quickly.

The event is in the planning stages as this issue goes to print. It will be held at Foote Field, proposed site of The Steadward Centre’s new location. As spring draws near more details will be available — watch for more information.

Program Update

Will Gill, Manager, Fitness & Lifestyle Programs 

Winter programs are well under way and spring is approaching… well, we hope spring is approaching. In hopes of longer warmer days here is what The Steadward Centre is planning for the spring and summer.

Water in Motion 

Exercise in the water can provide a great way to stay in shape without placing undue stress on the bones and joints of the body. This program will teach you how to combine the main components of an exercise regime into a water-based workout.

Water In Motion will consist of once-a-week exercise sessions in the pool over six weeks. Each session will be an hour long and consist of strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises for a wide range of abilities.

Always a favourite, Water In Motion fills up fast! Keep posted for details as they develop.

Activity Outdoors 

Taking advantage of nice weather while we have it is important. Come to Activity Outdoors and learn how to take your workout out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Activities will centre on simple exercises for strength, endurance, and flexibility which do not require a lot of equipment.

Activity Outdoors will be a once-a-week exercise class running for six weeks. Each session will be one hour in length. The paved trails and green space surrounding the University will provide a great setting for moving outside and being active.

Summer Camping Trip

The Programming Staff at The Steadward Centre is busy planning and organizing a camping trip to William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis sometime in August. The trip will cover a full weekend with transportation leaving from and returning to the U of A.

Hiking, fishing, outdoor skills, activities, and games are all planned for this fun filled weekend.

Keep up-to-date on future programs through our newsletter, web site, and program flyers.

For more information on this or any programs offered by The Steadward Centre, please contact Will Gill at 492-9236 or by email at

Indoor Classic—A Fun Time For All!

Ewen Nelson, Manager, Information Systems

This year’s edition (the twelfth) of the Annual The Steadward Centre Indoor Classic at West Edmonton Mall was an enormous success!

Early arrivals and registrants gathered and snacked on fruit, bagels, coffee and bottled water, all generously donated by local companies.

Using their best “gym voices”, MLA Mary O’Neill (St. Albert) and Dr. Steadward spoke to all gathered before the event about the importance of physical activity and fitness for people with disabilities.

MLA Drew Hutton (Edmonton Glenora) served as official race starter, and kicked off the event at about 9:10 am. Approximately 120 people ran, jogged, walked or wheeled around the main floor of the Mall, covering either 3 or 6 kilometres. Entrant’s approximate finishing times are posted in the 3 TSC locations, and on the website.

The Media Challenge followed soon after (see cover page article). Their finish times are also posted on the Centre’s website.

Following both events, a draw was held, with a myriad of prizes valued at more than $1,000.00, generously donated by 22 local companies and organizations.

Thanks to all who participated, donated food or prizes and especially to all the volunteers and staff who helped make the event such a success.

See you again next year!

Indoor Classic participants on their way around the course.

Photos Jean Weeks, TSC

Neil Taylor (L) and Breanne Coffill announcing prizes and ticket numbers during the 2003 Indoor Classic Prize Draws.

An extra special thanks to all our generous food, product and prize donors!!

"Full Meal Deal" Recipe Corner

Jean Weeks, Secretary/Receptionist

We will try to feature recipes of lighter fare in each issue. These are from Jean's kitchen.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

½ cup Honey
½ cup Water
¼ cup Lemon Juice
3 Cloves of Garlic
4 tsp Ketchup
4 tsp Salt
1 ¼ tsp Ginger
3-4 pounds Chicken Wings

Mix all ingredients except for chicken and heat until boiling point. Pour over chicken pieces and marinate overnight. Brown in frying pan then place in shallow pan and bake at 400F for about 1 hour. Add a little cornstarch and stir until smooth to thicken sauce. Serve with rice.

Broccoli Salad

2 ½ cups Broccoli, thinly sliced
¾ cups Tomatoes, diced
½ cup Green Onions (2), sliced
½ cup Cucumber, sliced
¼ cup Carrots
4 tsp Olive Oil
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Lemon Rind, grated
Pinch Pepper

Steam broccoli. Combine all vegetables. Whisk together all other ingredients and pour over vegetable mixture. Cover and refrigerate for several hours.

(Taken from Choices Menu).

Ice Cream Sandwiches

2 Oatmeal Cookies
1/3 cup Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream

Take 1 oatmeal cookie and add ice cream, cover with second cookie. (Makes a nice light dessert)

Chairman of the Board Gets Ticketed

TSC Staff

Dr. Gary McPherson says he's on his way to City Hall, to discuss a $150 parking ticket that was fastened to his windshield early in January.

The Steadward Centre Chairman of the Board, and tireless advocate for the rights of people with disability, had attended a meeting January 16th, when he came outside to find that a diligent City of Edmonton employee had left a message on his van. Moreover, Dr. McPherson confesses that one half of the two-fold charge was justifiable. He says “The ticket stated I was guilty of parking in wheelchair parking when my placard was in clear display hanging on the rearview mirror. The ticket said nothing about a time limit violation of the two-hour limit -- when I was closer to 3 hrs.”

The interesting nature of this factual rendering is that there does not seem to be any mechanism in place, for the City of Edmonton to make only one legitimate charge out of two possible infractions. What happened to Gary could happen to any person with disability who has (a) parked in a Disabled Zone while displaying their decal, and/or (b) has, in Gary's words, “overstayed their welcome”.

The Disabled Parking Zone allowed for a two-hour stay, but as meetings are often wont to do, Gary's went into a costly overtime. Yes, he was “guilty as charged” insofar as exceeding the time limit; however, he was absolutely within his rights as a person with disability, identified as such, to park his vehicle in the specified Zone.

“There ought to be a law”… Good luck downtown, Mr. Chairman!

Dr. Steadward (R) and Paralympic Sledge Hockey Champion Warren Martin at IDDP Celebrations

Photo Carmen Adams, TSC

International Day Of Disabled Persons

TSC Staff 

The International Day of Disabled Persons, December 3rd, was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1992. Celebration of this Day aims to increase awareness and understanding of persons with disabilities and the issues that impact their lives, with an additional goal of getting support for practical action at all levels, by, with and for persons with disability.

In commemoration of this important day, The Steadward Centre hosted an Open House coffee party for clients and faculty. Many people dropped in for refreshments and to pay tribute to Steadward Centre members. A highlight of the event was a visit by Warren Martin, sledge hockey player and Paralympic Winter Games champion.

Ewen Nelson monitored a table in the Students Union Building (SUB), together with staff from the UofA's Specialized Support and Disability Services. Sandy Jacobson and Will Gill attended City Hall's celebration of the event, where Minister for Community Development, the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky, took a special moment to recognize their attendance and acknowledge the excellent reputation of both the Centre and Dr. Steadward for whom it is named.

Look for an even greater celebration of this event, next year at The Steadward Centre.

New Faces at TSC

Will Gill, Manager, Fitness & Lifestyle Programs, TSC

The past fall and winter has seen several staff changes take place. Danielle Reaney and Bobby Markewich left the Centre to teach English in Korea for a year. As well, Leanne Cole has moved on to other interests.

Carmen Adams has joined us as the Adapted Fitness Instructor in our U of A fitness centre. Carmen in a native of the Edmonton area and is a graduate of the U of A. Carmen stepped into a very busy situation quite easily and effectively.

Neil Taylor was hired as our FES technician last October and continues to work in FES and some of the short term activity programs. Neil is a graduate of York University.

Kim Lagace has returned to The Steadward Centre after being in school in Europe for a year. Kim is the Program Coordinator at our Austin O’Brien Satellite. Kim is a graduate of the U of A and spent a year as the Adapted Fitness Instructor in our University of Alberta centre.

The Steadward Centre is providing practicum placements for three students over the winter term of 2003. Shawn Sanville comes from the University of Regina where he is currently finishing a Bachelor of Physical Activity Studies in Adapted Physical Education. Dorota Hanasz and Kristy Munroe come to The Steadward Centre from the U of A’s BPE in Adapted Physical Activity program. Be sure to welcome Shawn, Dorota, and Kristy if you see them. Good luck in your practicum studies and I hope you find your stay with us rewarding and educational.

Special Thanks!

By the time you read this, I will have already left Canada. I would like to say that I had a great time in Canada and at The Steadward Centre in particular. Thanks to everyone; clients and staff. I have learned a lot more than I thought I would be able to learn. One person I would like to mention in particular is Dr. Garry Wheeler; a great person who introduced me to the world of science and FES-rowing. I cannot thank him enough for that. Starting in January 2003, I will continue studying FES-rowing, this time in London (U.K.), but I hope to back in Edmonton one day. Hope to see you all then!

Thanks once more, Dries Hettinga

Campaign Update

Sandy Jacobson, Campaign Assistant

A lot has happened surrounding the Capital Campaign since we last reported. A lot of our effort has been focused towards meeting with the Provincial and Federal Governments making them aware of The Steadward Centre and our Capital Campaign. We are also working within the community to increase awareness about the Centre and market the types of programs and services offered.

Architectural Rendering of New CentreThe Steadward Centre bridges the divide between disability and ability, and between exclusion and inclusion, through the promotion of active living, the development of health related fitness, and facilitation of functional independence, leading to full participation and acceptance within the broader social context. The Centre offers an environment where people with disabilities can come and learn the skills they need to regain their independence through fitness, health and lifestyle programming in order to be contributing members of society.

We have developed a Business Plan and have engaged Stantec Inc, management consultants, to help finalize the document.

The Steadward Centre approached NAIT and have challenged their second-year students in the “ARC410 Design & Presentation III” course to build two models of the new Steadward Centre. Two classes will compete against each other and students will be graded on materials used, etc. Completion date for these models is set for mid April.

Various groups have expressed an interest in becoming tenants or partners with The Steadward Centre. Discussions have taken place and suggestions made for a second floor to be added to accommodate such plans. The Steadward Centre would like to collaborate with partners working in the area of disability to more effectively deliver services to the community and abroad.

Statistics show that disability among the aboriginal community is very high. TSC would like to create synergies with the aboriginal community so that they too can access the programs and services we offer in and off the reserves. TSC presented and shared their video with the Confederacy Treaty Six Inter-Agency Workshop on December 4, 2002. The presentation was very well received and the need for resources like ours expressed. The Centre also joined an Interagency Group serving aboriginals with disabilities. The group is comprised of representatives from the City of Edmonton, CPA, Aboriginal Disabilities Society of Alberta, The Steadward Centre and EmployAbilities and meets on the last Friday of every month. The intent of this group is to share information and resources and ultimately, collaborate services.

If you would like to learn more about The Steadward Centre, would like a tour, or are interested in having a representative from the Centre make a presentation to your company or organization, please contact Sandy Jacobson, Campaign Administrator, W1-67 Van Vliet Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2H9, (tel) 780-492-9389, (email)

Dr. Steadward’s Recent Travels for Disability Sport

TSC Staff 


An invitation from The Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled, took Dr. Robert Steadward to Denmark last September when he participated in a seminar entitled, "Willing and Able". As the guest speaker, Dr. Steadward expounded on the complicated issue of "Moving towards Inclusion" and referred in his speech to "…the concept of inclusion (in Canadian sports) is illustrated by the inclusion of athletes with disability in mainstream sports organizations for people without disability. Swimming and Alpine Skiing are excellent examples, BUT, the experiences of the disabled skiers and swimmers suggest that perhaps funding is now harder to secure for disabled athletes now that they are put into one melting pot". Dr. Steadward went on to make the "comparison of pushing a stone uphill. If we let it slip, just for a second, it will begin to slide back down. So, for the sake of our children and …grandchildren, and the legacy we wish to impart upon them, we ought to plan and prepare for a continually better world in which they will have every opportunity to excel, regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, colour or ability." Finally, he asked, "Are you doing your part, Denmark? If you are, then you will create a better world for the future of all your people. And, ultimately all peoples of the world."

Part of the trip to Northern Europe also involved a visit to Faroe Islands where dignitaries and sport enthusiasts gathered to hear the IPC's visionary founder and Honourary President offer friendly but serious advice on the merits of forming a close relationship between their National Olympic and Paralympic Committees. Dr. Steadward remarked, with a well-known zeal and passion for sport issues that have become his trademark, that "I encourage you to seek a partnership between the two Committees, for the future of sport, for all".

Dr. Steadward and his wife, Laura, expected to be greeted by a stark winter scene, in this community far to the north of Scotland and west of Norway, but they were amazed by Faroe Island's green and pastoral landscape. Dr. Steadward was wistful about his unique journey, "it was truly beautiful, and the friendly citizens of Faroe Islands made us feel very welcome. We would love to go back, someday".

Dr. Steadward has made a lifetime of encouraging all nations to share their sport knowledge, experience and expertise between their National Olympic and Paralympic Committees. Faroe Islands is one of many countries that listened and commenced action.


Located at the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan is the second largest city in Korea, with a population of four million. Dr. Steadward, Founder of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) returned to "the Games" last October, when he visited Busan host of the outstanding 8th FESPIC Games for athletes with disability, the first international games for athletes with disability in Korea since the 1988 Paralympic Summer Games in Seoul. The former President of FESPIC Games is Sir Harry Fang, to whom Dr. Steadward had proudly presented the Paralympic Order, in 2002.

Competitors from 42 countries flocked to the ancient city, to participate in 17 sports and 525 events, for seven days last fall. The international leader for disability sport was recognized as Father of the modern-day Paralympic movement and the IPC organization, under whose leadership and vision, sport for athletes with disability today enjoys a high profile, world-wide.

At the invitation of the FESPIC President, Dr. Steadward travelled with his wife, Laura, for several days of exciting competition, as well as the spectacular Opening Ceremonies. During his visit, Dr. Steadward found himself among old and new friends, to whom he promised a return trip to Korea, perhaps with a view to family vacation and an adventure in tourism, something he never had time for as the busy IPC President.

About the Name of Newsletter

The Steadward Centre Logo

Achieve! was selected as the new name for The Steadward Centre Newsletter. "Achieve!" embodies the new name and mission of the Centre and the spirit represented by the logo. We hope you enjoy this issue and welcome your comments and suggestions for future issues.

achieve: v.t. Accomplish, carry out; acquire; reach (an end). Oxford English Dictionary.

TSC Research News & Updates

Dr. Garry Wheeler, Manager of Research and Counseling

The Centre is currently engaged in a number of research projects of interest to the clients.

The Supplementary Training Module for health fitness and lifestyle professionals is now titled "Enhancing Inclusive Fitness and Lifestyle Services" is ready to go across the country. The acronym is EIFLs so we could say we are going on the EIFLs TOUR.

I am delighted to announce that Dries Hettinga has completed his project finally and is now in the writing stage. This was no mean feat considering the task.

As well we are nearing an internet race with FES rowing between the UK and Canada which will be very exciting. We are currently taking care of the technical aspects of the race and demonstration. We are hoping this comes to fruition in the near future upon receipt of one of the new prototypes that Dr. Brian Andrews and the Charity Trust DEMAND have developed for us.

Kudos for TSC Personnel

TSC Staff

Congratulations are due to Dr. Gary McPherson, Chairman of The Steadward Centre’s Board of Directors, on the announcement that the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disability has created an award in his name! On December 3, 2002, at the International Day of Disabled Persons event in City Hall, the Gary McPherson Award was announced. The award will recognize outstanding leadership or achievement by individuals, public, private and not-for-profit organizations who are enhancing and enriching the lives of persons with disabilities.

Congratulations also go to Ewen Nelson, the Centre’s Manager of Information Systems for the announcement by the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities that he is co-winner of the 2002 Council of Canadians with Disabilities Award for Alberta. The award recognizes individuals for their “dedication and integrity in the continuing pursuit of full participation in society by people with disabilities.”

Upcoming Program Summary

Program Date(s) Registration Deadline
Specialty Fitness 
Water in Motion May 22 - June 26 May 16
Activity Outdoors July 24 - Aug 28 July 17
Special Events / Activities
TSC Silver Anniversary Celebration July 26  
TSC Trek to Kananaskis TBA August TBA

Note: All The Steadward Centre programs are closed between June 30 and July 11, reopening on July 14th.

Watch for the new program flyers in mid-April. For information on these or any TSC programs, call 492-9236, send an e-mail to or check our web site at 

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