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Christmas Bowl 2000
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Christmas Bowl 2000

Held December 14 at the Bonnie Doon Lanes in Edmonton, over fifty  clients, volunteers and staff of The Steadward Centre enjoyed an evening of bowling followed by a pizza feast.  After the pizza a draw was held for the many prizes donated by our generous sponsors.

The following is a photo gallery showing some of the activities that evening.  Click on any picture for a larger view.

Wide View of Bonnie Doon Lanes
Wide view of the lanes

Marc getting a ball while Joeri (R) waits

Marc holding bowling ball while Joeri waits
Hannah at the scoring table
Hannah keeping score

Chantal (L) helping Hannah keep score

Chantal and Hannah at the scoring table
Pat and Kim smiling for the camera
Pat (L) and Kim

Steve, Derek and Teresa (L to R)

Steve, Derek and Teresa on the lanes
David and Pat overlooking the lanes
David (L) and Pat

Kim supervising the pizza feast

Pizza feast following the bowling - "everyone had enough?"
Prizes being drawn for - "and the winner is..."
Jeff (standing L) and Kim hosting the prize draw following the pizza feast

Our thanks to our sponsors:
Cheese Cake Cafe
Hannah Jol
Lagace Co.
The Pita Pit
University of Alberta Athletics

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