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Background to the Capital Campaign

Twenty-five years ago, The Research and Training Centre for Athletes with Disability was the creation of Dr. Robert D. Steadward, intended for athletes and coaches to access technical information on sport and fitness in an appropriately-equipped training environment.

Over the course of time, the Centre expanded its scope to include all people with disability. In 1987, following Rick Hansen's Man-in-Motion World Tour, the facility was re-named the Rick Hansen Centre, in the wake of Rick's success, and to promote greater awareness of people with every disability, including spinal cord injury.

The Centre's reputation broadened exponentially, at home and abroad, as did the name of Dr. Steadward, whose efforts and achievements have been recognized world wide in the field of adapted physical education, programmes, research and sport for people with disability.

To mark the millennium, in 2000, the Centre's Board of Directors voted on a new name for the unique facility, naming it The Steadward Centre in tribute to its Founder, with client focus groups determining the qualifier, "for Personal & Physical Achievement", alluding to their inspirational stories of individual fulfilment.

For hundreds of clients, The Steadward Centre has become a model of excellence and a place where they can gain increased independence and a greater sense of personal dignity and self-esteem. It is the goal of the staff, students and volunteers at The Steadward Centre to provide health, lifestyle, fitness, counselling and research services to clients, and to assist in their preparation to full inclusion in all aspects of society.

Currently, funding support for The Steadward Centre has not shown any increase, in the past ten years. Client visits during the period April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2003, numbered 22,000, having placed potential newcomers on the verge of a waiting list, as space is limited and programmes progressively more crowded. It is indeed a tragic result if it is not possible for The Steadward Centre to meet the current needs of people with disability, provincially or nationally.

A Capital Campaign was launched on August 23rd, 2003, in conjunction with a celebration of The Steadward Centre's 25th anniversary. The goal is $33 million, $13 million of which would be applied to the construction of a new building; and, $20 million of which is sought for the establishment of an Endowment Fund for The Centre's operation in perpetuity. The Campaign will target all levels of government, and the private sector.

Please consider making a contribution to our campaign.  To do so, please visit our Pledge Page.

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