The book — edited by Sean Caulfield, Curtis Gillespie, and Timothy Caulfield — includes artworks created in response to the workshop coupled with articles by participants, offering a compelling glimpse into a unique collaboration between scientists, scholars, and artists in a visually engaging publication.

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The book features within its 98 pages an introduction by the editors, the eight essays listed below, and full colour insert with 30 illustrations from the exhibition accompanied by an essay by Lianne McTavish, Professor of History of Art, Design and Visual Culture.


Talk to Her, or Breaking the Silence of Neglected Bonds
by Trudo Lemmens

A Glimpse at Our Own Beginnings: Stem Cells as a Tool for Studying Human Development
by Peter J. Rugg-Gunn

The Paradox of Promise and the Purpose of Art
by Gail Geller

Re-Considering the Function and Image of Science in Film and Television
by Matthew C. Nisbet

The Books of Life and the Books in Our Lives
by Eric Meslin

Eugenics, Genetics, and Gender: Theatre and the Role of Women
by Karen H. Rothenberg

Breaking Through
by David Grant and Paul Cassar

Monsters in the Media
by Timothy Caulfield


The book was designed by Sergio Serrano, published by the University of Alberta’s Department of Art & Design, and distributed by the University of Washington Press.

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