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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 7v
[The initial letter of each stanza is lightly decorated.]

And first this martir / shal for me prouide
And of his mercy opne me the gate
To make grace / forto be my guide
His holi lif / in ynglissh to translate
And to remembre / the statly royal date
Whan I first gan / on this translaciou[n]
It was the yeer / by computaciou[n]

Whan sixte Herry / in his estat roial
With his sceptre / of Yngland and of ffrance
Heeld at Bury / the feste pryncipal
Of Cristemesse / with ful gret habundance
And aftir that / list to haue plesance
As his consail / gan for hym prouide
There in his place / til hesterne forto a bide

Whiche is an hous / of his fundaciou[n]
Where his preestis / synge ay for him and preie
Of ful hool herte / and trewe affecciou[n]
That god his noblesse / in al vertu conueie
And grante him wynne / toforn / or that he deie
A palme of conquest / and whan that he shal fyne
To be registrid / among the worthy nyne
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