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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 5r
[This page has an antiphon and prayer, both in Latin; the initial "D" of "Domine" and "Deus" are both elaborately decorated. The antiphon is not separated into poetic lines in the manuscript as it is here, but is written as continuous prose.]

Aue rex gentis anglor[um]
 miles regis angelor[um]
 O Edmunde flos martirum
 uelud Rosa uel lilium.
 funde preces ad dominum
 pro salute fidelium.
Ora pro nobis beate Edmunde R[ege] vt digni efficiamur promissionibus xpi.
Deus ineffabilis misericordie qui beatissimum
Regem Edmundum tribuisti pro tuo nomine
Inimicum moriendo vincere. concede propicius
familie tue: ut eo interueniente mereatur in se antiqui
hostis incitamenta superando extinguere. Per xpm
dominum nostrum. Amen.
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