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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 4r
[The initial "T" on this page is elaborately decorated.]

This other standard / feeld stable off colour ynde
In which off gold / been notable crownys thre
[T]He firste tokne / in cronycle men may fynde
Grau[n]tyd to hym / for Royal dignyte
And the seconde / for virgynyte
ffor martirdam / the thrydde in his suffryng
To these annexyd / ffeyth / hope / and Charyte
In tokne he was / martyr mayde and kyng

¶ These thre crownys / kyng Edmu[n]d bar certeyn
Whan he was sent / be grace off goddis hond
At Geynesburuh / for to slen kyng Sweyn
By which myracle / men may vndirstond
Delyuered was / fro Trybut al thys lond
Mawgre Danys / in ful notable wyse
ffor the hooly martyr / dissoluyd hath that bond
Set this Regiou[n] / ageyn in his franchise

¶ These thre crownys / historyaly taplye            Applicacio
By pronostyk / notably souereyne
To sixte Herry / in fygur signefye
How he is born / to worthy crownys tweyne
Off ffrance / and Ingland / lynealy tatteyne
In this lyff heer / affterward in heuene
The thrydde crowne / to receyue in certeyne
ffor his meritis / a boue the sterrys seuene
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