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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 41r
[The initial letter of each stanza is lightly decorated.]

Rehersith sum thyng / in especial
Which to your worshepe / may rebou[n]de ageyn
Yif euer ye dide / any thyng egal
On londe or watir / that was knowe or seyn
Lyk the meritis / preued in certeyn
Of kyng Edmond / which with sceptre in honde
But yong of yeris / gouerneth Estynglonde

With such rebukes / whan Lothbrok had hem blamyd
In ther hertis / it causid gret enuye
And of them silff / were verraily ashamyd
That he kyng Edmond / list so magnefie
Made an a vow / of fals conspiracie
Yif thei myhte / fynde oportunyte
On his nobblesse / thei wolde auenged be

Thus euer hath been / a merueilous difference
Twen liht of uertu / and vecious derknesse
Twen perfecciou[n] / and raueynous violence
Atwen fals pillage / and knyhtly by prowesse
Enuye alwey / is contrary to goodnesse
And thus for uertu / to speke in woordes pleyne
Inguar and Vbba / at Edmond gan disdeyne
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