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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 2v
¶ The feeld off Gowlys / was tokne off his suffrance
Whan cruel Danys / were with hym at werre
And for a signe / off Royal suffisance
That no vices / neuer maad hym erre
The feeld powdryd / with many heuenly sterre
And halff Cressantis / off gold / ful bryht and cleer
And wher that euere / he iourneyde / nyh or ferre
Ay in the feeld / with hym was this baneer

¶ Which be influence / off our lord Jh[es]u
As it hath be preued / offte in deede
This hooly standard / hath power and vertu
To stanche fyres / and stoppe flawmys rede
By myracle / and who that kan take heede
God grantyd it hym / for a prerogatyff
Be cause / al heete / off lust and flesshlyheede
Were queynt in hym / duryng al his lyff

¶ This vertuous baner / shal kepen and conserue
This lond from enmyes / dau[n]te ther cruel pryde
Off syxte Herry / the noblesse to preserue
It shal be born / in werrys / be his syde
Tencresse his vertues / Edmu[n]d shal been his guyde
By processe / tenhau[n]ce his Royal lyne
This martir shal / by grace for hym prouyde
To be registred / among the worthy nyne
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