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The Lives of Ss. Edmund and Fremund: Text

MS Harley 2278 fol. 2r
[This is the beginning of "The Banner of St. Edmund," prefacing the "Lives."]

[The initial "B" on this page is elaborately decorated.]

Blyssyd Edmu[n]d / kyng martir and vyrgyne
Hadde in thre vertues / by g[ra]ce / a souereyn prys
[B]E which he venquysshed / al venymes serpentyne
Adam / baserpent / banysshed fro paradys
Eua also / be cause she was nat wys
Eet off an Appyl / off flesshly fals plesance
Which thre figures / Edmund by gret auys
¶ Bar in his baner / for a remembrance

Lyk a wys kyng / peeplys to gouerne
Ay vnto reson / he gaff the souereynte
ffigur off Adam / wysly to dyscerne
Toppresse / in Eua / sensualite
A lamb off gold / hyh vpon a tre
An heuenly signe / a tokne off most vertu
To declare / how that humylite
A boue alle vertues / pleseth most Jh[es]u

¶ Off Adamys synne / was wasshe a way the rust
Be vertu only / off this lambys blood
The serpentys venym / and al flesshly lust
Sathan outraied / a geyn man most wood
Tyme whan this lamb / was offred on the rood
ffor our redempciou[n] / to which hauyng reward
This hooly martir / this blyssyd kyng so good
Bar this lamb / hiest / a loffte in his standard
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