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Stephen R. Reimer, University of Alberta

I am a Professor of English at the University of Alberta, researching and teaching primarily in the area of Middle English language and literature, and with a particular interest in computer applications in literary studies. I have been involved with computers in the study of literature since the late 1970s, when I was working (on punch cards) on an edition of the Works of William Herebert; more recently, the Bibliography of Modern Arthuriana, by Ann Howey and myself, was created as an XML database. So I have been involved with computers and literary study for three decades and through several generations of technological change.

Broadly, my work is in Middle English language and literature, Arthurian literature (medieval and modern), modern medievalism, bibliography, editing, and humanities computing. I teach, with some frequency, courses in Chaucer, Old English, Middle English romance, and in the history and structure of the English language.

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Old English Language and Literature: A Bibliography (ENGL 320, "Old English," first term)

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"Beowulf" and "Grettir's Saga": A Bibliography (ENGL 320, "Old English," second term)

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ENGL 324: Geoffrey Chaucer (course bibliography)

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