I am a soil biogeochemist with a special interest in carbon fluxes and organic matter processes. The focus of my research is in three areas: 1) quantifying the underlying environmental factors controlling organic matter accumulation and distribution in soils; 2) relating measurable organic matter quality indices to soil functioning (nutrient fluxes and microbial biodiversity); and 3) predicting the response of soil organic matter to natural and anthropogenic disturbance.

As a group we study soil organic matter chemistry and biodiversity in the boreal forests of Western Canada; the influence of climate on carbon distribution and composition in forested and peatland soils; and organic matter quality in reconstructed oil sands soils from Northern Alberta. Additional work is focusing on quantifying carbon and nitrogen fluxes in reclaimed soils, carbon sequestration during the early stages of soil development, and the influence of fire regime on the quantity and quality of black carbon in forested soils from Quebec.


Sylvie A. Quideau

Dept of Renewable Resources

ESB 442

Edmonton, AB

Canada T6G 2E3


(780) 492-5397