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Radionuclide Production  
Neutron Activation Analysis
The Reactor
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  The SLOWPOKE Nuclear Reactor Facility is located on the main campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The facility houses a SLOWPOKE-II nuclear reactor that was designed and built by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) and was commissioned on April 22, 1978. The reactor is used as a source of neutrons for radionuclide production, neutron activation analysis (NAA), research, and teaching. The facility has gamma spectrometers to analyze radioactive materials from many different sources.
Radionuclide Production

Large amounts of radioactivity are often used as tracers for industrial processes. The facility commonly produces several hundred mCi at a time for a tracer job. Find out if a radioactive tracer study can help your process be more efficient.
Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)

NAA is a method of elemental analysis and can be used to determine almost 70 elements. The SLOWPOKE reactor is near ideal as a source of neutrons for activation analysis. Explore the possibilities for your research.
NORM Determinations

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) are a hazard that arises in some industrial processes. The SLOWPOKE facility has gamma spectrometers that can be used to determine the nature and activity of a NORM contaminated sample.
The Reactor

The SLOWPOKE reactor is housed in the Dentistry / Pharmacy Centre at the University of Alberta. Learn about the reactor and the physics behind it.

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