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 Scott Taylor's new book:
Canadian author Scott Taylor, a former soldier, is the editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps, an Ottawa-based magazine
celebrated for its unflinching scrutiny of the Canadian military. Scott offers a Canadian perspective into the
Yugoslavian conflicts with truths that are deliberately missed by western media.
Diary of an uncivil war: the violent aftermath of the Kosovo conflict
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Press Release for U. of A. talk
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An exchange program in Serbian Language and Culture:
(please contact us if you are interested in this exchange program)

Center for Serbian Language & Culture
Centar za srpski jezik i kulturu

Azbukum is the Centre for Serbian language and culture. Its main office is settled in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. There are also several sites (Novi Sad / Belgrade) where the courses are organized.

The Centre offers various linguistical and culturological courses, both internal (in Yugoslavia) and external (distance learning) regarding the Serbs. The courses are offered throughout the year. Grants for studying Serbian are in the offer.

Azbukum is the first centre of its kind in Yugoslavia. Its aim is to provide a means for interested individuals from all over the world to come to Serbia and to study its language and culture. Through professionally prepared programmes and curricula, Azbukum caters to the needs and interests of its participants.

The Centre is open to all the people regardless their nationality, age or professional background. Several hundred participants from more than thirty countries around the world have participated in the courses since its founding in 1995. Thus, Azbukum has become not only a window of its own culture and language, but also a meeting place of many different peoples, and a field of friendship and love among all the people who come.


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