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This page is intended as a rapid access resource for those seeking substantive material and news of new publications on Henri Lefebvre, the French marxist philosopher.  It does not include simple bibliographic sites, encyclopaedia type articles nor basic lectures on Lefebvre's ideas, which can be easily found via search engines.

"Lefebvre" Webpages

  • Le Somme et le Reste - primary newsletter of Lefebvrian studies documents key conferences in France and on going projects and new publications mostly in the non-Anglophone universities (in French - pdf)
  • http://www.praxisphilosophie.de/lefebvre.htm (in German - with links)
  • Related blog on urban, virtual and spatial isues
  • Selected Online Sources on Henri Lefebvre and his work

  • Remi Hess 'La Méthode d'Henri Lefebvre in Multitudes - revue en ligne
  • Henri Lefebvre and relation to Critiques of Everyday Life (Situas, CoBrA etc)
  • Rob Shields  Henri Lefebvre: Philosopher of Everyday Life (2001)
  • Rob Shields Henri Lefebvre, Love and Struggle - Spatial dialectics (London: Routledge 1999)
  • Review of Lefebvre Love and Struggle
  • Rob Shields Four Lectures on Lefebvre (Powerpoint)
  • Rob Shields  Key Readings on Lefebvre (Secondary Literature - see also Bibliography of Lefebvre's works below)
  • Stuart Elden Henri Lefebvre and the Production of Space (1998)
  • Michael Kelly   'Henri Lefebvre 1901-91', originally published in Radical Philosophy, no. 60, Spring 1992, pp. 62-63 (French, University of Southampton).
  • Michael Kelly "Towards a Heuristic Method: Sartre and Lefebvre", Sartre Studies International, vol. 5, no. 1, 1999, 1-15.
  • Michael Kelly "Everyday Marxism: The convergent analyses of Roland Barthes and Henri Lefebvre", in James Dolamore (ed.) Making Connections: Essays in French Culture and Society in Honour of Philip Thody, Bern, Peter Lang, 1999, pp. 135-146.
  • Kirsten Ross 'Henri Lefebvre on the Situationist International' (1993)  Spanish version.
  • Kristen Ross 'Review of Henri Lefebvre's The Production of Space' in Not Bored 30, 1999.
  • Kristen Ross 'Review of Henri Lefebvre's Introduction to Modernity' in Not Bored 25, 1996.
  • Michel Trebitsch,  Marie-Christine Granjon, Pour une histoire comparée des intellectuels (Editions Complexe, 1998 - in French).
  • Michel Trebitsch Works by Lefebvre and Websites on Henri Lefebvre (Revised Feb 2001 - in French).
  • Rob Shields, The Production of Space, Précis translation. Urban and Regional Studies Working Paper (Sussex University 1986).
  • Guilhermino Monteiro Homage to Lefebvre,  Jornal a Página da Educação (in Portuguese)
  • Armand Ajzenberg Henri Lefebvre: La société au point critique ou de l'individu écartelé, on the formation of "Groupe de Navarrenx"and planned publications, originally published in Regards 38 (1998 - in French).
  • Christian Schmid, Henri Lefebvre und die Produktion des urbanen Raumes, dissertation, (Universität Bern, abstract only, 1999? - in German)
  • Anon.   Postmodern Spacings Seminar paper, Mechanical Planet
  • Bo Grönlund, Urbanity: Lived space and difference (June 1999)
  • Maïté Clavel, 'La ville comme ?uvre'; Michèle Jolé, 'Henri Lefebvre à Strasbourg'; Nicole Beaurain, 'Rencontre'; Laurent Devisme, 'Henri Lefebvre, curieux sujet, non?'  Contents only: Henri Lefebvre au présent. Special Issue of Urbanisme 319 (July Aug 2001)
  • Henri Lefebvre 'The Theory of Moments and the Construction of Situations' Internationale Situationniste #4 (June 1960)
  • David Simard, Precis of Rémi Hess Seminar Lefebvre au quotidien (12 Feb 2002).
  • Arnaud Spire, 'Du Passe ne faisons pas table rase, mais...' Comment on reception of posthumous publication of Lefebvre's  Méthodologie des sciences (Editions Anthropos, Paris).
  • Art, Video and Articles using Lefebvre's ideas (lasted updated 2001)

  • Thomas Paquot, 'Habitat et "habiter"' Editorial, originally published in Urbanisme, Dossier n° 298 (Jan-Feb 1998 - in French)
  • Char Davies, 'The Immersive Virtual Environments Osmose & Ephemere: Towards a De-objectified Interpretation of Being in the World' (exhibition summary)
  • Sam Appleby, ' Taken for Granted - The Representation of Space and Place' (Artist's statement)
  • Gearoid O Tuathail (Gerard Toal), 'Displacing GeoPolitics: Writing on the maps of global politics', Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Jordan Crandall, 'Bioinformatic Alignments', Territories.
  • Katherine Arens, 'Central Europe and the Nationalist Paradigm' (University of Texas at Austin 1996)
  • Ken J. McPhail, 'Accounting As Space: Accounting and the Geo-Politics of Discourse' (1998)
  • Hans Kjetil Lysgârd, 'Production of space and formation of identity in regions crossing established nation-state borders'
  • Henri Lefebvre, ou le fil du siècle / réal. Raoul Sangla ; enquête Jacques de Bonis. - Paris : La Sept : CDN Prod. [prod.], cop. 1988 (Paris : FR3 [diffuseur], 1988). - 1 VIDEOCASSETTE [VHS] (55 min.) : couleur SECAM. - (Océaniques) Caméra David Carr-Brown, Laurent Didier; son Laurent Langlois; montage Véronique Holley.
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    Works by Lefebvre Supplementary Bibliography to the Complete Bibliography of Works by Henri Lefebvre in Lefebvre Love and Struggle (Rob Shields, Routledge 1999)

  • Signatory to 'Appeal for Peace in the Middle East' New York Review of Books (14 June 1973)
  •  Interview on the Situationist internationale, October 79 (Winter) 1997.
  • 'Préface' in Vingt ans d'utopies au cinéma. CinémAction - Expressions minoritaires, Michel Serceau. (Condé-sur-Noireau and Paris: Corlet-Télérama)
  • Méthodologie des sciences (Editions Anthropos, Paris 2002), 230 pages.
  • Réeditions de Lefebvre - New printings and posthumous publications

    There has been a flurry of reprints of Lefebvre's 1930s works by Syllepse and by Meridiens Klincksieck over the 1980s and 90s.

    Lefebvre and Norbert Guterman, La Conscience Mystifiée (Paris: Editions Syllepse 1999) 100 F.

    New books available in English (c/o Imote book)

  • NEW: Stuart Elden Understanding Henri Lefebvre: Theory and the Possible, New York: Continuum ISBN 0826470033 (2004) Review coming in the Fall
  • NEW: Stuart Elden, Elizabeth Lebas, Eleonore Kofman (eds.) Henri Lefebvre Key Writings, New York: Continuum ISBN ISBN 082646646X (2003) Review coming in the Fall
  • NEW: Henri Lefebvre Urban Revolution English translation of Revolution urbaine Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press ISBN 0816641609 Review coming in the Fall
  • Critique of Everyday Life Vol 1 Henri Lefebvre, John Moore (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1992
  • The Production of Space Henri Lefebvre / Paperback / Published 1991
  • Writing on Cities Henri Lefebvre / Paperback / Published 1995
  • Critique of Everyday Life Vol 1 Henri Lefebvre, John Moore(Translator) / Paperback / Published 1992
  • Everyday Life in the Modern World Henri Lefebvre / Paperback /Published 1994
  • Introduction to Modernity Henri Lefebvre, John Moore (Translator)/ Hardcover / Published 1995 Introduction to Modernity : Twelve Preludes September 1959-May 1961 Henri Lefebvre, John Moore (Translator) Published 1995
  • The Sociology of Marx Henri Lefebvre / Paperback / Published 1982
  • Writings on Cities Henri Lefebvre, et al / Hardcover / Published 1996
  • Survival of Capitalism Henri Lefebvre / Published 1981 (Hard to Find)
  • The survival of capitalism : reproduction of the relations of production Henri Lefebvre (Hard to Find)
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