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Slave Lake Theorists and the Carleton School



Theory Retreat 2012

Space and Culture Theory Retreat (R. Shields 2012)

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+Social Spatial Studies Group, Graduate Students Association (University of Alberta)


+Space and Culture Research and Reading Group on Facebook

-Visiting Ph.D., Postdoctoral and Sabbaticants

Dr. Jim Morrow, Activating Space 2018-20.

Dr. Rafico Ruiz, After Ice: New Horizons for Cryographic Knowledges, SSHRC Banting Postdoc, 2017-19.

Dr. Paulina Miskiewicz, Preciptate Ecologies and Architectures. Postdoc, 2017-19.

Dr. Yun-Csang Ghimn, Nanotechnology and Community Postdoc, 2013-14.

Farhad Bayani, Critical Realism. Visiting Ph.D. student. Sociology, University of Tabriz, Iran 2016-2017.

Dr. Merle Patchett, Reimagining the Minimall. Postdoc, 2010-11. Co-author Strip-Appeal.




Pan Keli, Sabbatical, Faculty of Law, Linyi Normal University, Linyi Shandong, China 2011.

Prof. Sergio Benicio de Melo, Business Communications, Universidad Federal da Pernambuco, Recife Brazil 2010.

Dr. Vince Miller, Sabbatical, Social Sciences, University of Canterbury, UK, 2008.

Dr. Andre Lemos, Postdoctoral Sabbatical, CnpQ, Universidad Federal da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. 2007-8.

Dorte Odde Sorensen, ‘Poetics of Shopping Malls,’ Sociology, University of Copenhagen. 1994-95.


Theory Retreat

(Andriko Lozowy 2010)


-University of Alberta Doctoral Students

Nicholas Hardy, Ph.D. Sociology 2018-

Juan Guevara, Ph.D. Sociology 2017-

Michael Granzow, Ph.D. Sociology 2012-

Bozhin Traykov, Sociology Ph.D. Supervisor 2016-

Pradeep Sangapala, Planning PhD. Co-supervisor 2016-

Ipek Oskay, Ph.D. Sound Ecology, Sociology 2011-

Ol'ga Pak, Ph.D. Supervisor: Sociology 2005-09. Spaces of Jubilation and the Post-Socialist City.

Ondine Park, Supervisor: Sociology 2005-14. Suburbia as Ambivalent Utopia. CRSC Research Assistant. Editorial Assistant, Space and Culture, Co-editor of Ecologies of Affect

Petra Hroch, Ph.D. Supervisor: Sociology 2006-2014. Encountering the Ecopolis: “Care of the self” and sustainable environmental relations. Killam Scholar. Ralph Steinhauer Award. SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship. Co-animator of Workshop.

Heidi Bickis, Supervisor: Sociology 2007-2014. Thinking Through Bodies, Lines and Visual Art Encounters with Betty Goodwin, Julie Mehretu, Guillermo Kuitca and Juan Muñoz Research Assistant. Conference organizer, Co-editor Rereading Jean-François Lyotard

Ipek Oskay, Sociology Leave of Absence. Beneath the Paving Stones- Gypsy/Roma Identification in Istanbul. Editorial Assistant, Space and Culture. I have diverse interests ranging from Ottoman Empire-Turkish modernization discourses, sociology of knowledge and subject, citizenship and identity discourses, nationalism, post-colonial theory, political aesthetics to philosophy of life, I found myself being able to focus my work on the citizenship studies with an emphasis on the question of subject. This has required a particular problematization of citizenship as a practice and identity which has founded my MA thesis work, "On the (Proper) Citizen and the Abject: Life of the City and of the Camp: On Subjectivation and Desubjectivation." Following this problematique, the first stage of my PhD study will focus on understanding Agamben's work on dispositif, testimony and subjectivity which I see as bringing together Foucault's earlier and later work as well as a criticism to Derrida's work on language. Folowing the theoretical work, the later part of work will be a case study of Gypsy re-identification and citizenship struggles in Turkey coinciding with the ongoing gentrification process particularly in Istanbul.

Andriko Lozowy, Sociology. Supervisor 2008-2013. Visual iconography of oil. Research Assistant. Co-author. 'Where is Fort McMurray? The Camera as a Tool for Assembling “Community"'

Barret Weber, Ph.D. Supervisor: Sociology 2007-13. CRSC Research Assistant. Co-author 'Virtual North: On the boundaries of sovereignty', 'Iqaluit: Gowth of an Inuit Capital'

Lane Mandlis,. Ph.D. Supervisor: Sociology Jan. 2006-12.

Tonya Davidson, Ph.D. Supervisor: Sociology 2005-12 Stone Bodies in the City: (Un)mapping Monuments, Memory and Belonging in Ottawa. Co-editor of Ecologies of Affect. I engage with monuments as ‘stone bodies’ to explore their place-making and cultural memory generating properties. While both social memory and place are broadly understood to be cast and performed through particularly raced, gendered, and classed bodies, I suggest that monuments work as bodies situated at the crux of these performances. By treating these monuments as bodies with dynamic lives, I strive to ‘unmap’ the relationships amongst the monuments, their physical environments and the various infrastructures of memory in which they are implicated. I unmap how gender, nation, Aboriginality and community are produced and complicated within the nation’s capital.

Pablo Markin, Ph.D. Supervisor: Modern Languages and Cultural Studies 2004-2008.

Matt Tiessen, Ph.D. Co-Supervisor: Interdisciplinary: Sociology/Art and Design 2004-11.

Creativity, Relationality, Affect, Ethics: Outlining a Modest (Aesthetic) Ontology.

Yun-Csang Ghimn, Ph.D. Supervisor Interdisciplinary: Sociology/Communications 2003-2008.

Mickey Vallee, Ph.D. Co-Supervisor Interdisciplinary: Music/Sociology 2004-9 Mickey researches and teaches in the areas of popular music, media theory, and historical sociology. Please see his website for further details.


Theory Retreat listening

(R. Shields 2012)

-Carleton University Ph.D. - 'The Carleton School'

Andrea Sharkey, Sociology and Anthropology, Co-Supervisor, 2001-8.

Anne Galloway, Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University. 2001-8. Intimate and Playful Technologies: Ubiquitous Computing, Space and Culture

Heather Bromberg, Sociology and Anthropology. 1997-2004.

Maureen Flynn-Burhoe, ‘Nanuq Carved into Cyberspace: Archives of Collective Memory’, Sociology and Anthropology. 1998-2004.

Fiona Coyle, Geography. Completed 2002. Risk and Safe Spaces.

Steve Williams, Ph.D., Sociology, Committee member 1993-99, Supervisor 1999-2000. Completed 2000.

Daniel O'Connor, Sociology. Completed 1998. Cinematic Regimes of Light and Power

Other members of the 'Carleton School' include Dr. Penelope Ironstone, Nicholas Packwood and Carleton Masters Students noted below.

-Lancaster University Ph.D. (1995-97)

Monica Degen,Ph.D. Sociology, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UK, Co-supervision with John Urry and Bulent Diken. Completed 2002. City of Facades: Urban Revitalization in Manchester and Barcelona.

Paul Haynes, Ph.D. Sociology, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UK, Co-supervision with Sarah Franklin and John Law. Completed 2001. Complexity and Self-Modifying Systems.

Vince Miller, 'Enclaves and Identity' Ph.D. Sociology, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UK, Co-supervision with Celia Lury and Bulent Diken, Completed 2001.

Tung-Hung Ho, Ph.D. Sociology, University of Lancaster, Lancaster UK, Co-Supervision with Andrew Sayer, Completed 2001. Local and Global: Rock-Music in Taiwan.

-Participation in other Ph.D. thesis committees (Alberta, Carleton and elsewhere)

Matt Unger, Sociology Ph.D. 2013 Chair and Examiner.

Carolina Cambre, Education Ph.D., 2005-2010.

Tamy Superle, Sociology, Carleton University. 2003-04.

Debbie Landry, Sociology, Carleton University. 2003-04.

Erin Kruger,Sociology Ph.D., Sociology 2005-07

David Matsinhe, Sociology Ph.D., Committee member, 2005-07

Phillip Boyle,Sociology Ph.D., Specialization Committee member 2004-06

Steve Cole, Sociology Ph.D., Committee member 2004-06

Kristen Lozanski, Sociology Ph.D., Committee member 2004-08

Heidi Rimke, ‘Moral Insanity’, Ph.D. Sociology, Carleton University. Completed May 2005.

Valerie de Courville-Nicol, Ph.D Sociology, Carleton University. Completed Sept. 1999.

David Tilson, Ph.D., Amenagement et Planification, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Completed 1996.

Jill Delaney, 'Citizenship and Civic Squares: Contemporary Canadian Town Halls' Ph.D. Art History and Architecture, Binghamton University, Sate University of New York, Completed July 1996.

-University of Alberta M.A. Supervisions

Katie Herzog MA Co-supervisor 2012- Adults With Developmental Disabilities And Their Experiences Of Autonomy When Accessing And Receiving Health Care Services Public Spaces

Scott Varga MA Co-supervisor 2012- How Does Campus Architecture Support Interdisciplinarity? An Investigation In Spatial Patterns

Juan Guevara MA Co-supervisor 2012- Place, community and disability in El Codito, Bogota.

Allison Hui, M.A. Sociology, Supervisor. Completed 2007. Awarded Commonwealth Scholarship.

Ipek Oskay, M.A. Sociology, Supervisor. Completed 2007.

-Carleton University M.A. Supervisions

Nguyen Ha, M.Arch., School of Architecture Carleton University, Co-Supervisor, completed 2005

Wendy Rofihe, ‘Memory and Representation of Place in Contemporary Canadian Art’, Canadian Studies, Carleton University. 2002.

Carrie Sanders, Co-supervisor, ‘Mobile Telephones and Emergencies’, Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University. Completed 2003.

Zoe Sujon ‘Software Agents: Automation, Autonomy and the Artifice of Authenticity’, Sociology M.A. Thesis, Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University. Completed 2002.

Adam Fiser, Sociology. ‘The Walkerton Inquiry’ Sociology M.A. Thesis, Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University. Completed 2002.
Ebyan Salah 'Qaat and Somali Immigrant Families', Sociology M.A. Thesis, Completed 1999.

Kevin Jones 'Constructing Technology / Constructing Nature: The Case of rBST in Canada', Sociology M.A. Research Essay, Completed 1999.

Charles O'Hara 'Tourists and the Consumption of Place in Pangnirtung', Geography M.A. Thesis. Co-supervised with Iain Wallace. Completed 1999.

James Yaraskavitch 'The Origin of Marx and Engels' Concept "The Lumpenproletariat"', Sociology M.A. Thesis. Co-supervised with John De Vries, completed 1996.

Petra Halkes 'Canadian Landscape Painting', Art History M.A. Thesis, School for the Study of Art and Culture, Carleton University. Completed 1995.

Sushil Mittal, Anthropology Sociology M.A. Thesis. Co-supervised with Prof. Derek Smith, Completed 1993.

-Participation in other M.A. thesis committees

Lainie Mandlis, M.A. Faculty of Physical Education, University of Alberta, External member, Examination Committee. Completed 2005.

Ted Norman 'Sport Commodities, Identity and Consumption', M.A. Kinesiology, Ottawa University. Completed 1999.

Ian Roderick, 'Views from Nowhere: A Chronotopography of the Victorian Gazetteer', M.A., Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, Completed 1992.

Penelope Ironstone-Catterall, M.A. Comparative Literature, Carleton University. External Examiner. Completed 1992.

-International Interns and Assistants

Maria-Theresa Blanco, Steps app ethnography. UARE Intern, Rosario University, Bogota. January-April 2019.

Yuhongze Zhou, Steps app program. UARE Intern, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, February-March 2019.

Gabriel Guyacundo, Steps app geographical information system. UARE Intern, Rosario University, Bogota, January-April 2018.

Seolha Lee, Steps app program. UARE Intern, Seoul National University, January-April 2018.

Caio Bersot, Salvador: Lost Vatican. UARE Intern, Universdad Federal de Rio de Janiero, January- April 2017.

Nathalia Osorio, Walkability and GPS for Pedestrians. UARE Intern, Rosario University, Bogota Colombia January-April 2017. MA Planning GRA: Sept 2017-July 2019.

Lingyue Tan, Youth Centres. Student Intern, Chinese Scholarship Commission: Youth Centres Digital Declarations Project, Sept-Dec 2017.

Ziru Deng, Youth Centres. Student Intern, East China Normal University Shanghai, China Scholarship Council. July-Sept. 2016.

Jennifer Tran, Petrolia Mall Architectural Proposal. Visiting Intern, University of Sydney School of Architecture. Jan.-Mar. 2016.

-Honours Students

Amy MacDonald 2009. Sound and Cities Drawing on research in sociology, sensory urban geography, and soundscape studies, I am exploring the connections between sound and cities. I am using five common narratives of sound in urban environments, and five audio recordings captured from locations around Edmonton, to examine the interactions between broad social forces and everyday lived experience that are facilitated, revealed, or concealed in the urban soundscape. University Gold Medal. Research Assistant

Adam Kaasa 2005. Millwoods. A study of suburban utopianism including projected plans for Millwoods, Edmonton in the 1970s.

Pat Vert, ‘Narratives of Acceleration’, Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University 2003. Best Student Essay Prize Canadian Association of Geographers Ontario Division Conference (CAGONT), October 2003.

Adam Fiser, 'Giles Deleuze and the Problematic Field; Social Theory as an Event', Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University 2000. Senate Medal.

Sarah Marceau, 'An Extra Servant for Two Cents a Week: Gender, Domestic Labour and the Washing Machine in the 1950s', Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University 1999. Senate Medal.

Anthony Blundell, 'Deconstructing Leisure in Cyberspace', Directed Interdisciplinary Studies Carleton University 1998.

Catrin Butler and Emma Uden, 'Reading and the Web', Multimedia dissertation project. Culture and Communication, University of Lancaster 1997.

Stephanie Briozzo, Wai-Kwen Chang, Alex Walsh, 'Swing Your Pants: Online gig guide', Multimedia dissertation project. Culture and Communication, University of Lancaster 1996.

Jabril Abdulle, 'Conflict Management Across Cultures. Case study: Somalis and Canadians', Carleton University 1995. Co-supervisor with Cheryl Picard.

Maia Coté, 'Canadian Laughter: The Role of Humour in Contemporary Canadian Culture', Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University 1995.

Julia Gill, 'Jamaica... One Love. Images of Jamaica,' Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University 1994.

Jessica Smith, 'Allegations of Welfare Fraud: The Social Construction of Somalis in Public', Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University 1994.

Angela D'Eon, 'How Green is the Club? Values and Actions of the Sierra Club', Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University 1993.

Peggy-Lynn MacIsaac, 'Rape: The Set-up of Women', Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University 1993.

Bonnie Tse, 'From Landscape to Mediascape: A Case Study of the Changing Face of Cultural Experience for Chinese-Canadian Immigrants', Mass Communication, Carleton University 1993. Co-supervised with Dr. David Marshall.

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