Henry Marshall Tory Endowed Research Chair and Professor of Human Geography and Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada.

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Founder and Co-Editor,
Space and Culture: International Journal of Social Spaces and Curb Planning Magazine.


The Henry Marshall Tory Chair is named for the first President of the University 1908-1929, first President of the National Research Council of Canada 1928-1935, and first President of Carleton College 1942-1947, now Carleton University, where I also both studied and taught.



Courses Offered 2022-23: University of Alberta.

Cities and Suburbs SOC 445/585 Jan-Apr

Human Dimensions of Environmental Change HGEO 452/552 Jan-Apr

Material and Virtual Culture Contact me to take this as a individual reading course and/or virtually SOC403/634 (sample Jan-Apr 2020 outline).

Publishing and getting published Contact me to take an individual practice-based course SOC 403/504.


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Sample of Recent Work: see our Research Archive, Researchgate.net and Scribd.com for other works. Complete list in cv.


Overview of my past work in Work of Arts (2005).


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