I'm a public services academic engineering librarian at the University of Alberta's Science and Technology Library. Been there since 1983. I'm single, was engaged once to a wonderful woman, but we didn't make it to the altar. I was born in 1953 and raised in Winnipeg (St Boniface), and moved to Edmonton permanently in November 1978. My folks are still in Winnipeg, brothers are in Calgary. Yes, I'm an "older" guy - big deal.

I am also a professional musician. I've played guitar since 1966. My interests are everywhere, including music, movies, pop culture, photography, NYC, certain sports teams, working out, ethics, and hanging with my great friends. Some of my so-called favorites are listed below, but the list(s) are incomplete. Some day I'll update them when I give it more thought.

In no particular order, I:

I have a BSc in Mathematics from U Manitoba (1975), and have forgotten all of it. I have an MLS from U Alberta (1978), and still work in the field. A fantasy is to someday work as a librarian and live in NYC.


This is a list of lists, and is ongoing in its creation. In March 2001, I began lists of my favorite actors, actreses, directors, and musicians. The lists below are really very incomplete, and it will take some time for me to remember who I really admire in all these categories. Please be patient! Thanks - Randy

15 Minutes of Fame

Books I've Read Since the Mid 90's

Last updated on August 16, 2002