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  Tuesday December 11, 2012  
Track 6: Machine Learning, Smart Structures, and Robot Control  
   Session:  Tu1-6 - Smart Structures, Materials, Actuators I 
  Chairs:  Huayan Pu, Shinichi Hirai 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  Experimental Study on Oscillating Paddling Gait of an Eccentric Paddle Mechanism
Huayan Pu, Yi Sun, Shugen Ma and Zhenbang Gong
  Achieving Compliant Spherical Linkage Designs from Compliant Planar Linkages Based on PRBM: A Spherical Young Mechanism Case Study
Geng Li and Guimin Chen
  Dynamic Simulation of Six-strut Tensegrity Robot Rolling
Shinichi Hirai and Ryo Imuta
  An Asteroid Landing Mechanism and Its Landing Simulation
Zhijun Zhao, Jingdong Zhao and Hong Liu
  A Valveless Piezoelectric Pump with Multistage Y-shape Treelike Bifurcate Tubes
Jun Huang and Jianhui Zhang
  Design of a High Capacity Electro Permanent Magnetic Adhesion for Climbing Robots
Peter Ward and Dikai Liu
   Session:  Tu2-6 - Machine Learning I 
  Chairs:  Han Wang, Yiannis Gatsoulis 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  7-Motion Discrimination Technique for Forearms Using Real-Time EMG Signals
Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Haruaki Mizuno, Takayuki Koizumi and Shinya Yamada
  Classifier Ensemble with Incremental Learning for Disaster Victim Detection
Bhuman Soni and Arcot Sowmya
  Closed-loop Multiple View Registration
Xiaowei Shao, Yun Shi, Yulin Duan, Huijing Zhao and Ryosuke Shibasaki
  Agricultural Produce Grading by Computer Vision Using Genetic Programming
Panitnat Yimyam and Adrain Clark
  Biologically Inspired Intrinsically Motivated Learning for Service Robots Based on Novelty Detection and Habituation
Yiannis Gatsoulis, Chris Burbridge and T. Martin McGinnity
  A Fast and Robust Head Pose Estimation System Based on Depth Data
Xiaozheng Mou and Han Wang
   Session:  Tu3-6 - Machine Learning II 
  Chairs:  Manabu Gouko, Dan Xu 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  A Novel Formalization For Robot Cognition Based on Affordance Model
Chang'an Yi, Huaqing Min, Ronghua Luo, Zhipeng Zhong and Xiaowen Shen
  An Improved Incremental Online Training Algorithm for Reducing the Influence of Muscle Fatigue in sEMG based HMI
Yi Zhang, Xinli Xu, Yuan Luo, Huosheng Hu and Huiyu Zhou
  Real-time Dynamic Gesture Recognition System based on Depth Perception for Robot Navigation
Dan Xu, Yen-Lun Chen, Chuan Lin, Xin Kong and Xinyu Wu
  A Spectral Clustering Method Combining Path with Density
Hongwei Xu, Jiafeng He, Qing He, Dewen Zeng, Guan Guan, Bin Leng and Weimin Zheng
  On Learning Coordination Among Soccer Agents
Syed Ali Raza, Muhammad Usman Sharif and Sajjad Haider
  Reinforcement Learning for Discernment Behavior Acquisition
Manabu Gouko, Yuichi Kobayashi and Chyon Hae Kim
  Wednesday December 12, 2012  
Track 6: Machine Learning, Smart Structures, and Robot Control  
   Session:  We1-6 - Smart Structures, Materials, Actuators II 
  Chairs:  Masamitsu Kurisu, Xinkai Chen 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  An Omnidirectional Mobile Robot: Concept and Analysis
Shugen Ma, Chao Ren and Changlong Ye
  Fault Detection and Diagnosis based on Sparse Representation Classification (SRC)
Lijun Wu, Xiaogang Chen, Yi Peng, Qixiang Ye and Jianbin Jiao
  Nonlinear Contact and Impact of Revolute Joints
Rongqiang Liu, Jing Zhang, Hongwei Guo and Zongquan Deng
  Development of Hopping Mechanism using Permanent Magnets for A Tiny Asteroid Rover - Estimation of Hopping Velocity -
Masamitsu Kurisu
  Optimization Design for Linkage Mechanism of Dexterous hand Based on Reliability Analysis of Kinematic Accuracy
Nianfeng Wang, Shuai Wei and Xianmin Zhang
  Development of a Rotary-percussive Drilling Mechanism (RPDM)
Qiquan Quan, Peng Li, Shengyuan Jiang, Xuyan Hou, Dewei Tang, Zongquan Deng and Weiwei Zhang
   Session:  We2-6 - Smart Structures, Materials, Actuators III 
  Chairs:  Haoyong Yu, Mahdy Eslamy 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  Research on the Relationship between the Oscillating Vibrator Parameter and the Working Ability of Caudal-fin-type Valveless Piezoelectric Pump
Liang Wang, Jianhui Zhang, Xiaoqi Hu and Jiamei Jin
  Kinematic Analysis and Optimal Design of A 3D Compliant Probe
Xuchong Zhang, Zhong Chen and Xianmin Zhang
  An Attempt to Make a Large-scale Stacked-type Electrostatic Actuator for Artificial Muscles of Robots
Makoto Ito and Keiji Saneyoshi
  Design and Analysis of a Novel Compact Compliant Actuator with Variable Impedance
Haoyong Yu, Sunan Huang, Gong Chen, Siew-Lok Toh, Manolo STA Cruz, Yessine Ghorbel, Chi Zhu and Yuehong Yin
  An Easily Manufactured Structure and Its Analytic Solutions for Forward and Inverse Position of 1-2-3-SPS Type 6-DOF Basic Parallel Mechanism
Tongzhu Yu, Huiping Shen, Jiaming Deng, Yixiao Kong, Hongbo Yin and Tingli Yang
   Session:  We3-6 - Machine Learning III 
  Chairs:  Andrea Soltoggio, I-Ming Chen 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  Robotic Reactive Motion with Jerk Reduction
Jared Johnson and Jeremiah Neubert
  Using Movement Primitives in Interpreting and Decomposing Complex Trajectories in Learning-by-doing
Andrea Soltoggio, Andre Lemme and Jochen J. Steil
  Teaching Coordinated Strategies to Soccer Robots via Imitation
Saleha Raza, Sajjad Haider and Mary-Anne Williams
  Multi-Robot Gas-Source Localization based on Reinforcement Learning
Jian-Long Wei, Qing-Hao Meng, Ci Yan, Ming Zeng and Wei Li
  Context-GMM: Incremental Learning of Sparse Priors for Gaussian Mixture Regression
Arturo Ribes, Jesus Cerquides, Yiannis Demiris and Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
  Effect of Low Level Imitation Strategy on an Autonomous Multi-robot System Using On-line Learning for Cognitive Map Building
Abdelhak Chatty, Syed Khursheed Hasnain, Philippe Gaussier, Ilhem Kallel, Philippe Laroque and Adel M. Alimi
  Thursday December 13, 2012  
Track 6: Machine Learning, Smart Structures, and Robot Control  
   Session:  Th1-6 - Robot Control I 
  Chairs:  Junjian Lin, Zhicheng Qiu 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  Fuzzy PD Compliance Control of 6 Degrees-of-Freedom Robot Using Disturbed Force Sense
Junjian Lin and Tie Zhang
  End Edge Feedback and RBF Neural Network Based Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulator
Zhicheng Qiu, Biao Ma and Xiangtong Zhang
  Operator Based Robust Control for Robot Manipulator Using Robust Right Coprime Factorization
Shuhui Bi, Guangliang Liu and Mingcong Deng
  Design and Implementation of a Vehicle Dynamics Control System by Means of Torque Vectoring for a Scaled Vehicle
Sebastian Reuter, Hilal Diab, Stefan Kowalewski, Eckart Hauck and Sabina Jeschke
  A Fault Tolerant Adaptive Control for Robot Manipulators
Giuseppe Muscio and Francesco Pierri
  Combining Stereo Vision and Fuzzy Image Based Visual Servoing for Autonomous Object Grasping Using a 6-DoF Manipulator
Le Duc Hanh and Chyi-Yeu Lin
   Session:  Th2-6 - Robot Control II 
  Chairs:  Yongsheng Ou, Zhicheng Qiu 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  The Analysis and Synthesis of PID Controller Based on Closed Loop Response Characteristics
Zhiqiang Zhu, Yuqing He, Juntong Qi, Jianda Han and Tianran Wang
  Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control of a Human Limb With an Exoskeleton
Yongsheng Ou, Zhijun Li, Guanglin Li and Chunyi Su
  Fuzzy Moving Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Robotic Manipulators
H.J. Shi, L.F. Qian, Y.D. Xu and L.M. Chen
  A Direct Visual Servo Scheme Based on Simplified Interaction Matrix for High-Speed Manipulation
Shouren Huang, Yuji Yamakawa, Taku Senoo and Masatoshi Ishikawa
  Pneumatic Drive Active Vibration Control for Flexible Manipulator Using an Adaptive Interactive PD Controller
Zhicheng Qiu and Zhili Zhao
  Integrated Rotary Compliant Joint and Its Impedance-based Controller for Single-Joint Pressing Massage Robot
Yuancan Huang, Chongjian Ran, Jian Li and Guodong Li
   Session:  Th3-6 - Robot Control III 
  Chairs:  Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Seiji Sugiyama 
     Time:  15:20 - 17:20 
  Room:  Jade 9 
  Adaptive Harmonic Compensation of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Sliding Mode Controller
Juntao Fei, Shenglei Zhang and Jian Zhou
  User Friendly Matlab-Toolbox for Symbolic Robot Dynamic Modeling used for Control Design
Emmanuel Dean-Leon, Suraj Nair and Alois Knoll
  Stabilization of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Real-Time Embedded Motion Estimation
Matthieu Claybrough and Francois Defay
  Guide Robot with Personal Identification Method Using Dress Color Information via KINECT
Seiji Sugiyama, Kouhei Baba and Tsuneo Yoshikawa
  An Open Control System Architecture with an On-line Velocity Filter for Industrial Robots
Zheng Wang, Yunjiang Lou, Yue Liu and Zexiang Li
  Proposal for An IR System to Support Automatic Control for A Personal Mobility Vehicle
Taro Fujikawa and Shuro Nakajima

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