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  Tuesday December 11, 2012  
Track 5: Grasping and Manipulation, Aerial Robots, and Rehabilitation Robots  
   Session:  Tu1-5 - Grasping and Manipulation I 
  Chairs:  Yong Yu, Dan Zhang 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Design and Analysis of a Miniature 4-Dimensional Force/Torque Sensor
Qiaokang Liang, Dan Zhang, Yaonan Wang and Yunjian Ge
  Dynamic Analysis of Planar Flexible 3-RRR Parallel Robots
Qinghua Zhang, Xianmin Zhang and Jinglun Liang
  TACTIP - Tactile Fingertip Device, Challenges in Reduction of Size to Ready for Robot Hand Integration
Benjamin Winstone, Gareth Griffiths, Chris Melhuish, Anthony Pipe and Jonathan Rossiter
  Biologically Inspired Tactile Classification of Object-hand and Object-world Interactions
Barrett Heyneman and Mark Cutkosky
  Design Optimization for Lower Limb Assistive Mechanism Based on Manipulability Inclusive Principle
Yong Yu and Wenyuan Liang
  Gripper Self-Alignment for Autonomous Pole-Grasping with a Biped Climbing Robot
Yisheng Guan, Zhiguang Xiao, Wenqiang Wu, Junjun Wu, Haifei Zhu and Manjia Su
   Session:  Tu2-5 - Grasping and Manipulation II 
  Chairs:  Johannes Alexander Coy, Dikai Liu 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Motion Control of Instantaneous Force for an Artificial Muscle Manipulator with Variable Rheological Joint
Hiroki Tomori, Suguru Nagai, Tatsuo Majima and Taro Nakamura
  Development and Study of a Robot for Transferring Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Samples
Yan Wang, Guanyang Liu and Chao Chen
  A Comparative Study of H(inf) and PID Control for Indirect Deformable Object Manipulation
Steven Kinio and Alexandru Patriciu
  Analysis of a Contact Problem for Tactile Sensors and a Computationally Effective Simulation for Grasping
Dmitry Sinyukov, Taskin Padir and Eduardo Torres-Jara
  Studies of Adaptive Control Methods Based on VSC for Trajectory Tracking of Robotic Manipulators
Jingmei Zhai, Haiyang He and Bo Kang
  First Step Towards a Flexible Design Kit
Johannes Alexander Coy, Jan David Jerome Gumprecht, Daniel Bernd Roppenecker and Tim Christian Lueth
   Session:  Tu3-5 - Grasping and Manipulation III 
  Chairs:  Heping Chen, De Xu 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Integrative Joint for Space Manipulator
Yu He, Hui Li, Zhihong Jiang, Que Dong, Bo Wei and Qiang Huang
  Dynamic Simulation and Analysis for Bolt and Nut Mating of Dual Arm Robot
Fuhai Zhang, Lei Hua, Yili Fu and Bin Guo
  An Algorithm for Object Manipulation with Three-fingered Robotic Hands
Qin Zhang, Zhi Chen and Kamiya Yoshitsugu
  Obstacle Modeling for Manipulator Using Iterative Least Square (ILS) and Iterative Closest Point (ICP) Base on Kinect
Wantana Sukmanee, Miti Ruchanurucks and Panjawee Rakprayoon
  Wednesday December 12, 2012  
Track 5: Grasping and Manipulation, Aerial Robots, and Rehabilitation Robots  
   Session:  We1-5 - Aerial Robots I 
  Chairs:  Gerasimos Rigatos, Michael Wang 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Sensor Fusion for UAV Navigation Based on Derivative-free Nonlinear Kalman Filtering
Gerasimos Rigatos
  Monocular Visual SLAM for Small UAVs in GPS-denied Environments
Chaolei Wang, Tianmiao Wang, Jianhong Liang, Yang Chen, Yicheng Zhang and Cong Wang
  Self-tuning of Two-axis Autopilot for Small Airplanes and Aerial Robots
Drago Matko, Tine Tomazic and Rok Markovic
  Structural Target Recognition Algorithm for Visual Guidance of Small Unmanned Helicopters
Yi Zhou, Tianmiao Wang, Jianhong Liang, Chaolei Wang and Yicheng Zhang
  Cooperative vSLAM Based on UAV Application
Xiaodong Li and Nabil Aouf
   Session:  We2-5 - Aerial Robots II 
  Chairs:  Qiang Zhan, Ertugrul Cetinsoy 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  3D PRM Based Real-time Path Planning for UAV in Complex Environment
Fei Yan, Yan Zhuang and Jizhong Xiao
  An Implement of RPV Control System for Small Unmanned Helicopters
Yicheng Zhang, Tianmiao Wang, Jianhong Liang, Chaolei Wang, Yang Chen, Yi Zhou, Yubao Luan and Han Gao
  Aerial Localization of an RF Source in NLOS Condition
Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan, Mojtaba Farmani and Hadi Moradi
  Control System Design and Experiments of a Quadrotor
Qiang Zhan, Junqing Wang and Xi Xi
  Dynamic IBVS Control of an Underactuated UAV
Hamed Jabbari Asl, Giuseppe Oriolo and Hossein Bolandi
  Design and Simulation of a Holonomic Quadrotor UAV with Sub-Rotor Control Surfaces
Ertugrul Cetinsoy
   Session:  We3-5 - Rehabilitation Robots I 
  Chairs:  Weihai Chen, Zhibin Song 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Posture Control Using New Ankle-Foot Assist Device with Stewart Platform Type Parallel Link Mechanisms
Takayuki Onodera, Ming Ding, Hiroshi Takemura and Hiroshi Mizoguchi
  Prototyping a Parallel Link Arm Driven by Small Pneumatic Actuator for Shoulder Prostheses
Masashi Sekine, Kento Sugimori, Tapio Tarvainen and Wenwei Yu
  Finite Element Analysis and Optimized Design of Exoskeleton for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation Training
Baijun Ding, Jinwu Qian, Linyong Shen and Yanan Zhang
  Recognition of Motion of Human Upper Limb using SEMG in Real Time: Towards Bilateral Rehabilitation
Zhibin Song, Shuxiang Guo, Muye Pang and Songyuan Zhang
  Wearable Dummy to Simulate Joint Impairment: Model for Discontinuous Friction Resistance Due to Arthritis
Shun Ishikawa, Shogo Okamoto, Yasuhiro Akiyama, Kaoru Isogai, Yoji Yamada and Susumu Hara
  The Mechanism of Synchronization-Based Control Using Neural Oscillators for Walking Assist
Xia Zhang and Minoru Hashimoto
  Thursday December 13, 2012  
Track 5: Grasping and Manipulation, Aerial Robots, and Rehabilitation Robots  
   Session:  Th1-5 - Rehabilitation Robots II 
  Chairs:  Tim Lueth, Nianfeng Wang 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Analysis for the Foot Board Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot
Yongqiang Wu, Yanan Zhang, Linyong Shen and Jinwu Qian
  Kinematic Design of a Parallel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot for Sprained Ankle Physiotherapy
Yongfeng Wang, Zhanyong Mei, Jiali Xu and Guoru Zhao
  Mechanical Design of a Compliant Prosthesis Finger by Structural Topology Optimization
Nianfeng Wang and Xianmin Zhang
  A Robust Adaptive Neural Controller to Drive a Knee Joint Actuated Orthosis
Mefoued Saber, Daachi Mohamed EL Hocine, Daachi Boubakeur, Mohammed Samer and Amirat Yacine
  Virtual Therapist: A Phantom Robot-Based Haptic System for Personalized Post-Surgery Finger Rehabilitation
Zhe Xu, Rebecca Fiebrink and Yoky Matsuoka
  Design and Implementation of a New Motorized-Mechanical Exoskeleton Based on CGA Patternized Control
Wankwan Banchadit, Auchara Temram, Tassanai Sukwan, Peerapat Owatchaiyapong and Jackrit Suthakorn
   Session:  Th2-5 - Rehabilitation Robots III 
  Chairs:  Yuji Okada, Jun Peng 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Parameterized Inverted and Double Pendulum Model for Controlling Lower-limb Active Orthosis
Juan Carlos Arevalo, Daniel Sanz-Merodio, Manuel Cestari and Elena Garcia
  An Electrical Muscle Simulator based on Functional Electrical Stimulation
Haibin Wang, Guan Guan, Qing He, Dewen Zeng, Bin Leng, Hongwei Xu and Weiming Zheng
  Basic Experiments on Collision of Sharp Mechanical Hazards against Eye for Estimation of Injury Severity
Soichiro Ito, Yoji Yamada, Takamasa Hattori, Shogo Okamoto and Susumu Hara
  Mechanical Design of a Magnetic Resonance Compatible Device Used for Finger Rehabilitation and Brain Imagine Studying
ZhenJin Tang, Shigeki Sugano and Hiroyasu Iwata
  Motion Support of Upper Extremity with Agonist alone under Negative Admittance Control
Yuji Okada, Chi Zhu, Simazu Shota, Toshikatsu Suzuki, Masataka Yoshioka, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Yuling Yan, Haoyong Yu and Feng Dung
   Session:  Th3-5 - Search Rescue Robots 
  Chairs:  Daniel Asmar, Changlong Ye 
     Time:  15:20 - 17:20 
  Room:  Jade 5 
  Kinematic Analysis of an Active Angular Swivel Steering Mechanism for Robotic Mobile Bases
Elie Shammas and Daniel Asmar
  Design, Implementation and Experimental Tests of A New Generation of Antarctic Rover
Cheng Chen, Chunguang Bu, Yuqing He and Jianda Han
  The Design of a Throwable Two-Wheeled Reconnaissance Robot
Hengrui Gao, Shusheng Bi, Rong Zhang and Shichuan Tang
  Development of a Variable Parallelogram Tracked Mobile Robot
Changlong Ye, Guangming Lv, Shugen Ma and Huichao Ni
  Development of an Underactuated Robot Gripper Capable of Retracting Motion
Hiroyuki Nishimura, Atsushi Kakogawa and Shugen Ma
  Multi-Robot Repeated Boundary Coverage Under Uncertainty
Pooyan Fazli and Alan Mackworth

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