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  Tuesday December 11, 2012  
Track 3: Image Processing, Medical, and Tele-robotics  
   Session:  Tu1-3 - Vision/Image Processing I 
  Chairs:  Junqiu Wang, Xianmin Zhang 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Unsupervised Progressive Structure-from-Motion for Unordered Images
Yingkui Du, Baojie Fan, Yandong Tang and Jianda Han
  Discriminative Sparse Representation for Online Visual Object Tracking
Tianxiang Bai, Y.F. Li and Xiaolong Zhou
  Tightly-coupled vision-aided inertial navigation via trifocal constraints
Ehsan Asadi and Carlo Luigi Bottasso
  Normal Estimation for Pointcloud using GPU based Sparse Tensor Voting
Ming Liu, Francois Pomerleau, Francis Colas and Roland Siegwart
  Robust Location Recognition Based on Efficient Feature Integration
Junqiu Wang and Yasushi Yagi
  Pre-attentive Visual Segmentation Algorithm for Cognitive Robots
Yuanlong Yu and Jason Gu
   Session:  Tu2-3 - Vision/Image Processing II 
  Chairs:  Wei Yang, Ying Liu 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Histogram of Silhouette Direction Code: An Efficient HOG-based Descriptor for Accurate Human Detection
Wei Yang, Zhan Song and Xinyu Wu
  Probabilistic Block-Matching Based 6D Camera Localization
Damien Vivet, Clement Deymier, Benoit Priot and Vincent Calmettes
  Moving Target Detection based on the Properties of Corners
Bin Leng, Qing He, Dewen Zeng, Jian Cao, Guan Guan, Hongwei Xu, Xiaoling Wu and Weimin Zheng
  Optimal Quantization of JPEG2000 Baseline Compression in RGB Space
Ying Liu, Yimin Zhou and Guoqing Xu
  Monocular Vision Tracking Based On Particle Filter and Hu Moment
Xiuzhi Li, Xue Zhao and Songmin Jia
  Robust Optical Flow Estimation for Illumination Changes
Xiuzhi Li, Songmin Jia and Xue Zhao
   Session:  Tu3-3 - Medical & Surgery Robots I 
  Chairs:  Med Amine Laribi, Daniel Bernd Roppenecker 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Modeling of Flexible Arm with Triangular Notches for Applications in Single Port Access Abdominal Surgery
Wei Dong, Wenlong Yang, Dawei Han and Zhijiang Du
  Development of a Maxillofacial Multi-arm Surgery Robot
Xiangzhan Kong, Xingguang Duan and Yonggui Wang
  A Design of Slave Surgical Robot Based on Motion Capture
Med Amine Laribi, Thomas Riviere, Marc Arsicault and Said Zeghloul
  Statistical Atlas Based Registration and Planning for Ablating Bone Tumors in Minimally Invasive Interventions
Xin Kang, Hongliang Ren, Jing Li and Waipan Yau
  Interdisciplinary Development of a Single-Port Robot
Daniel Bernd Roppenecker, Alexander Meining, Gerald Horst, Heinz Ulbrich and Tim Christian Lueth
  Towards the Development of a Robust Model for Estimating Wrist Torque at Different Wrist Angles
Mojgan Tavakolan and Carlo Menon
  Wednesday December 12, 2012  
Track 3: Image Processing, Medical, and Tele-robotics  
   Session:  We1-3 - Medical & Surgery Robots II 
  Chairs:  Ran Zhou, Jason Gu 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Endoscopes Shape Reconstruction Based on Electromagnetic Localization and Curve Fitting
Xiaoxiao Li, Baopu Li, Shuang Song, Chao Hu and Max Q.-H. Meng
  Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Video Automatic Segmentation
Ran Zhou, Baopu Li, Zhe Sun, Chao Hu and Max Q.-H. Meng
  Ankle-Angle Analysis of Drop-Foot Patients in Walking with FES
Ningjia Yang, Feng Duan, Sicen Liu, Lili Dai, Jeffery Too Chuan Tan and Binbin Xu
  Design and Optimization of a Parallel Guidance Device for Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery
Peng Gao, Ying Hu, Haiyang Jin, Peng Zhang and Jianwei Zhang
  Posture Study for Self-training System of Patient Transfer
Zhifeng Huang, Ayanori Nagata, Masako Kanai-Pak, Jukai Maeda, Yasuko Kitajima, Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Kyoko Aida, Noriaki Kuwahara, Taiki Ogata and Jun Ota
  Kinematics, Control and Workspace Analysis of a Bowden Wire Actuated Manipulator for Minimally Invasive Single-port Surgery
Salman Can, Brian Jensen, Emmanuel Carlos Dean-Leon, Christoph Staub, Alois Knoll, Adam Fiolka, Armin Schneider, Alexander Meining and Hubertus Feussner
   Session:  We2-3 - Medical & Surgery Robots III 
  Chairs:  Xiaorui Zhu, Kazuhito Yokoi 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  A Laser Sintered Miniature Gear Hub for a Surgical Robot and the Maximum Torque it Can Transmit
Mattias F. Traeger, Daniel B. Roppenecker and Tim C. Lueth
  Workflow Analysis and Surgical Phase Recognition in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Oliver Weede, Frank Dittrich, Brian Jensen, Alois Knoll, Dirk Wilhelm, Michael Kranzfelder, Hubertus Feussner, Armin Schneider and Heinz Worn
  Improvement of Dynamic Transparency of Haptic Devices by Using Spring Balance
Rongfang Fan, Chen Zhao and Hanwang Zhao
  Design of a Miniaturized Active Endoscopic Capsule with Revolving Head Mechanism
Xiaorui Zhu, Chunxin Qiu and Zhidong Shi
  Image-guided Steering of a Motorized Hand-Held Flexible Rhino Endoscope in ENT Diagnoses
Chen Fang, Weiwei Sang, Jan D.J. Gumprecht, Gero Strauss and Tim C. Lueth
  Quantitative Evaluation of Human Rising movements from Chair in Terms of Physical Strain Imposed on Joints
Kazunori Wada, Keisuke Hagiwara, Toshikazu Matsui and Nobuaki Nakazawa
   Session:  We3-3 - Sensor Networks 
  Chairs:  Hongliang Ren, Tiantian Feng 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  A Fully-autonomous Hovercraft Inspired by Bees: Wall Following and Speed Control in Straight and Tapered Corridors
Frederic L. Roubieu, Julien Serres, Nicolas Franceschini, Franck Ruffier and Stephane Viollet
  Behavior-based Fuzzy Control Framework for Multi-Mobile-Robot Deployment
Xu Zhong and Yu Zhou
  Design and Implementation of Interconnecting IPv6 Wireless Sensor Networks with the Internet
Guoping Yu, Huasong Min, Hongxing Wei and Haojun Huang
  Design of Transmote: a Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Versatile Transformation Capabilities
Guifang Qiao, Guangming Song, Jun Zhang, Hongtao Sun, Weiguo Wang and Aiguo Song
  Design of a Self-reconfigurable Wireless Network System for Modular Self-reconfigurable Robots
Guifang Qiao, Guangming Song, Jun Zhang, Hongtao Sun, Jian Ge and Weiguo Wang
  Teleoperation of Humanoid Motion Using 3G Communication Network
Qian Xu, Qiang Huang, Xuechao Chen, Awais Yasin and Zhangguo Yu
  Thursday December 13, 2012  
Track 3: Image Processing, Medical, and Tele-robotics  
   Session:  Th1-3 - Tele-robotics and Networked Robots 
  Chairs:  Qian Xu, Abderrahmane Kheddar 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Development of a Teleoperation System With a New Workspace Spanning Technique
Mohamed Mamdouh and Ahmed Ramadan
  Tele-Impedance Control of a Variable Stiffness Prosthetic Hand
Elif Hocaoglu and Volkan Patoglu
  A Remote Control System with Combination of Manual and Automatic Control Using Gripping Force
Kazuma Shimojo, Yasuo Hayashibara and Ken Tomiyama
  Compliance Estimation during Bilateral Teleoperation of a Robotic Arm
Remo Pillat and Arjun Nagendran
  On-line Operator Skill Assessment for Telerobot Operation Using Electroencephalo-graph (EEG)
Shuang Liu, Ning Xi and JiaYunyi Jia
   Session:  Th2-3 - Vision/Image Processing III 
  Chairs:  Marcel Haselich, Fei Chao 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Parallelized Energy Minimization for Real-Time Markov Random Field Terrain Classification in Natural Environments
Marcel Haselich, Simon Eggert and Dietrich Paulus
  Robust Visual Tracking Based on Gabor Feature and Sparse Representation
Weiguang Li, Yueen Hou, Huidong Lou and Guoqiang Ye
  Water Detection with Segmentation Guided Dynamic Texture Recognition
Pedro Santana, Ricardo Mendonca and Jose Barata
  Forward Obstacle Detection System by Stereo Vision
Hiroaki Iwata and Keiji Saneyoshi
  A Developmental Constraint Driven Approach to Developmental Robotic Hand-eye Coordination
Fei Chao, Haixiong Lin, Min Jiang and Changle Zhou
  Online Motion Segmentation using Spatially-constrained J-linkage in Dynamic Scene
Jungwon Kang, Sang Un Park and Myung Jin Chung
   Session:  Th3-3 - Vision/Image Processing IV 
  Chairs:  Zhidong Wang, Chris Smith 
     Time:  15:20 - 17:20 
  Room:  Jade 3 
  Image-based Tree Pruning
Wei Liu, Geroge Kantor, Fernando De la Torre and Nanning Zheng
  A Two-Stage Strategy to Introduce Spectral Matching into Recognition of Occluded Objects
Jia Yun Wu and Xiao Chen
  Vanishing Point Detection Using Local Dominant Orientation Signature for Omnidirectional Vision-Based Robots
Jun-Yu Yang, Feng-Li Lian and Jiun-Jau Lai
  Object Extraction from Stereo Vision using Continuity of Disparity Map
Kotaro Oshida and Keiji Saneyoshi
  Unscented Blind Image De-blurring Using Camera with Inertial Measurement Unit
Chin-Yuan Tseng, Jian-An Chen and Jwu-Sheng Hu
  Supporting System for Self Training of Bed-Making Using Image Processing with Color and Distance Information
Ayanori Nagata, Zhifeng Huang, Masako Kanai-Pak, Jukai Maeda, Yasuko Kitajima, Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Kyoko Aida, Noriaki Kuwahara, Taiki Ogata and Jun Ota

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