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  Tuesday December 11, 2012  
Track 2: Legged Robots, Biomimicking, and Motion Planning  
   Session:  Tu1-2 - Legged Robots I 
  Chairs:  Zhenli Lu, Mingguo Zhao 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Simulated Performance Assessment of Different Digital Hydraulic Configurations for Use on the HyQ Leg
Shuang Peng, David Branson, Emanuele Guglielmino and Darwin G. Caldwell
  A COP-based Controller for Adaptive Motion Planning of a Single-Legged Robot
Zhenli Lu, Filipe Silva, Yun Zhang, Qinruo Wang and Luis Seabra Lopes
  Self-Adjusting Locomotion on a Partially Broken-down Quadrupedal Biomorphic Robot by Evolutionary Algorithms
Guo-Yuan Qiu and Shih-Hung Wu
  Analysis of the Disturbance Rejection Ability of a Passive Dynamic Walker with Hip Spring
Mingguo Zhao and Biao Hu
  Energetics of Level Walking Trot Gaits in Quadruped Robots
P. Murali Krishna, R. Prasanth Kumar and Suresh Srivastava
  The Function of the Spine and its Morphological Effect in Quadruped Robot Locomotion
Qian Zhao, Hidenobu Sumioka, Xiaoxiang Yu, Kohei Nakajima, Zhimin Wang and Rolf Pfeifer
   Session:  Tu2-2 - Legged Robots II 
  Chairs:  Shuro Nakajima, Kenichi Narioka 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Concept of Adaptive Gait for Leg-wheel Robot, RT-Mover
Shuro Nakajima and Kazuhisa Ietomi
  Stable Running Velocity Change of Biped Robot Based on Virtual Torque
Jae Uk Cho, Je Sung Yeon and Jong Hyeon Park
  Development of a Minimalistic Pneumatic Quadruped Robot for Fast Locomotion
Kenichi Narioka, Andre Rosendo, Alexander Sproewitz and Koh Hosoda
  The Walk-&-Roller: A Multimodal Robotic Vehicle Capable of Quasistatic Three-Legged Rolling Motion
Mahmood Karimi, Ky Woodard, Benjamin A. Sams and Thomas R. Bewley
  Stepping to Recover: A 3D-LIPM Based Push Recovery and Fall Management Scheme for Biped Robots
Awais Yasin, Qiang Huang, Zhangguo Yu and Weimin Zhang
  A Miniature Biped Wall-climbing Robot for Inspection of Magnetic Metal Surfaces
Zhiqiang Bi, Yisheng Guan, Shizhong Chen, Haifei Zhu and Hong Zhang
   Session:  Tu3-2 - Biomimicking I 
  Chairs:  Liwei Shi, Alexey Gribovskiy 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Development of a Venus Flytrap-inspired Robotic Flytrap
Liwei Shi, Shuxiang Guo, Hiroki Kudo and Kinji Asaka
  Robot Tadpole with a Novel Biomimetic Wire-driven Propulsor
Baofeng Liao, Zheng Li and Ruxu Du
  CPG Parameter Search for a Biomimetic Robotic Fish Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhengxing Wu, Junzhi Yu and Min Tan
  Numerical Analysis of Biomimetic Gannet Impacting with Water during Plunge-diving
Xingbang Yang, Tianmiao Wang, Jianhong Liang, Guocai Yao, Yang Chen and Qi Shen
  A Bio-mimetic Fingertip That Detects Force and Vibration Modalities and its Application to Surface Identification
Katudampe Vithanage Damith Suresh Chathuranga, Van Anh Ho and Shinichi Hirai
  Building a Safe Robot for Behavioral Biology Experiments
Alexey Gribovskiy, Jose Halloy, Jean-Louis Deneubourg and Francesco Mondada
  Wednesday December 12, 2012  
Track 2: Legged Robots, Biomimicking, and Motion Planning  
   Session:  We1-2 - Biomimicking II 
  Chairs:  Shuxiang Guo, Yili Fu 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  A Rat-like Robot WR-5 for Animal Behavior Research
Qing Shi, Hiroyuki Ishii, Hikaru Sugita, Shinichi Kinoshita, Zhuohua Lin, Atsuo Takanishi, Satoshi Okabayashi, Naritoshi Iida and Hiroshi Kimura
  A New Design and Analysis of Compliant Spine Mechanism for Caterpillar Climbing Robot
Wei Wang and Dawei Xie
  Design and Kinematics Simulation for Bionic Crank-slider Mechanism of Jumping Robot
Kai Zhao, Junmao Yin, Diansheng Chen and Tianmiao Wang
  4D Simulation and Control System for Life Science Automation
Yanfei Li, Steffen Junginger, Norbert Stoll and Kerstin Thurow
  Studies of Motor Synergies in Generating Optimal Goal-directed Movements in Human-like Robotic Arm
Kin Chung Denny Fu, Yutaka Nakamura, Tomoyuki Yamamoto and Hiroshi Ishiguro
  Development and Depth Control of a Robotic Fish Mimicking Cownose Ray
Chuanmeng Niu, Lige Zhang, Shusheng Bi and Yueri Cai
   Session:  We2-2 - Biomimicking III 
  Chairs:  Gi-Hun Yang, Minoru Hashimoto 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Numerical Simulation of Odor Plume in Indoor Ventilated Environments for Studying Odor Source Localization with Mobile Robots
Xiao-Bao Jiang, Qing-Hao Meng, Yang Wang, Ming Zeng and Wei Li
  Finding and Utilizing Self-preserving Functions in Blood Pulsation -Development for Ethanol Based Artificial Circulation System-
Chyon Hae Kim, Yuki Nishi, Shyunsuke Nagahama and Shigeki Sugano
  Obstacle Avoidance Research of Snake-like Robot based on Multi-sensor Information Fusion
Qianying Wu, Junyao Gao, Chengzu Huang, Zhengyang Zhao, Cheng Wang, Xuandong Su, Huaxin Liu, Xin Li, Yi Liu and Zhe Xu
  Implementation and Navigation of a 3-DOF Fish Robot "ICHTHUS V5.5"
Gi-Hun Yang, Sang-Hyo Lee, Hyun-Jin Lee and Young-Sun Ryuh
  Muscle Roles on Directional Change during Hopping of a Biomimetic Feline Hindlimb
Andre Rosendo, Kenichi Narioka and Koh Hosoda
  Temporal Gait Parameters Captured by Surface Electromyography Measurement
Chi Chong Chan and Wei-Hsin Liao
   Session:  We3-2 - Biologically Inspired Robotics III 
  Chairs:  Kohei Nakajima, Minoru Hashimoto 
     Time:  15:20 - 16:50 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Local Information Transfer in Soft Robotic Arm
Kohei Nakajima, Tao Li, Rongjie Kang, Emanuele Guglielmino, Darwin Caldwell and Rolf Pfeifer
  Active Walking Robot Mimicking Flat-Footed Passive Dynamic Walking
Yuta Hanazawa, Hiroyuki Suda, Yu Iemura and Masaki Yamakita
  Adaptive RBFNN Type-2 Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Robot Arm with Pneumatic Muscles
Rezoug Amar, Hamerlain Mustapha and Tadjine Mohamed
  A Method for Optimal Design of an Inchworm Climbing Robot
David Pagano, Dikai Liu and Kenneth Waldron
  A Simplified CPGs Network with Phase Oscillator Model for Locomotion Control of Snake-like Robot
Mohamad Nor Norzalilah and Shugen Ma
  Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Viscoelastic Contact Between a Spiral-type Robotic Capsule and a Gastrointestinal Tract
Hao Zhou, Gursel Alici, Trung Duc Than and Weihua Li
  Thursday December 13, 2012  
Track 2: Legged Robots, Biomimicking, and Motion Planning  
   Session:  Th1-2 - Motion Planning I 
  Chairs:  Chuangqi Wang, Wenfu Xu 
     Time:  10:20 - 12:05 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Path Updating Tree based Fast Path Planner for Unpredictable Changing Environments
Chuangqi Wang, Bin Chen and Hong Liu
  Path Planning of Dual-arm Space Robot for Keeping the Base Inertially Stabilized during Target Capturing
Wenfu Xu, Houde Liu, Yu She and Bin Liang
  A Cell Based Voronoi Roadmap for Motion Planning of Articulated Robots Using Movement Primitives
Christian Kohrt, Anthony Pipe, Janice Kiely, Richard Stamp and Gudrun Schiedermeier
  A Floyd-Genetic Algorithm Based Path Planning System for Mobile Robots in Laboratory Automation
Hui Liu, Norbert Stoll, Steffen Junginger and Kerstin Thurow
  Path Planning Algorithm for Space Manipulator with a Minimum Energy Demand
Wing Kwong Chung and Yangsheng Xu
  The Dynamics Analysis For a Five DOF Serial-parallel Manipulator With RP-(2-RRU/1-RUU) Structure
Chao Hou, Peng Zhang, Ying Hu and Jianwei Zhang
   Session:  Th2-2 - Motion Planning II 
  Chairs:  I-Ming Chen, Chris Smith 
     Time:  13:30 - 15:00 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  Dynamics based Time-Optimal Smooth Motion Planning for the Delta Robot.
Yunqiang Zhang, Ruining Huang, Yunjiang Lou and Zexiang Li
  Global Path Planning for Mobile Robot Based on A* Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm
Liang Zhang, Huasong Min, Hongxing Wei and Haojun Huang
  Wheeled-tip Object Manipulation: Modeling and Motion Planning of Throwing an Object
Sina Parastegari, Majid Nili Ahmadabadi, Ehsan Noohi and Hadi Moradi
  Offline Kinematics Analysis and Path Planning of Two-Robot Coordination in Exhaust Manifold Welding
Fan Ouyang, Tie Zhang and Can Ying
  Measurement Framework of Partial Caging Quality
Teesit Makapunyo, Thanathorn Phoka, Peam Pipattanasomporn, Nattee Niparnan and Attawith Sudsang
  Periodic Trajectory Generation and Tracking Control for a Class of Underactuated Mechanical Systems
Hongtai Cheng, Heping Chen, Xiaohua Zhang, Bingtuan Gao and Hongjun Chen
   Session:  Th3-2 - Motion Planning III 
  Chairs:  Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco, Dewen Zeng 
     Time:  15:20 - 17:20 
  Room:  Jade 2 
  An Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Dynamically Adjusting Ant Number
Dewen Zeng, Qing He, Bin Leng, Weimin Zheng, Hongwei Xu, Yiyu Wang and Guan Guan
  Experimental Validation of a Time Scaling Algorithm for Robotics Systems
Corrado Guarino Lo Bianco, Fabio Ghilardelli and Daniel Kubus
  An Electromyography-driven Central Pattern Generator Model for Robotic Control Application
Kui Xiang, Shuxiang Guo and Zhibin Song
  Euclidean Distance and Workspace Region Based Control Algorithm for Collision Avoidance in a Laparoscopic Surgical Robot: MU-LapaRobot
Jitendra Yadav and Jackrit Suthakorn
  Single Loop and Double Loop Balancing Control of AU Self-Balancing Bicycle (AUSB)
Narong Aphiratsakun and Kittiphan Techakittiroj
  Cartesian Robot Motion Embedded on Logistics Process, Screws Approach
Mario Arbulu, Geman Ortiz, Luis Miguel Beltran, Leonardo Gonzalez and Claudia Garzon

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