Best Papers of ROBIO 2012

Best Student Paper (Co-Winners)

"Interdisciplinary development of a single-port robot", by D. B. Roppenecker, A. Meining, G. Horst, U. H. lbrich, and T.C. Lueth

"Music conductor gesture recognition by using inertial measurement system for human-robot musical interaction", by S. Cosentino, Y. Sugita, M. Zecca, S. Sessa, Z. Lin, K. Petersen, H. Ishii, and A. Takanish

Best Student Paper Finalists

Best Paper in Biomimetics

"Biologically inspired tactile classification of object-hand and object-world interactions", by B. Heyneman and M. R. Cutkosky

Best Biomimetics Paper Finalists

T. J. Tarn Best Paper in Robotics

"Discriminative spare representation for online visual object tracking", T. Bai, Y. F. Li, and X. Zhou

Best Robotics Paper Finalists

Best Conference Paper

"Gripper self-alignment for autonomous pole-grasping with a bped climbing robot", Y. Guan, Z. Xiao, W. Wu, J. Wu, H. Zhu and M. Su

Best Conference Paper Finalists



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