Bhai Vasti Ram's Samadhi

Samadhi of Bhai Vasti Ram is situated in a greenbelt flanking the northern defense wall of Lahore Fort. Bhai Vasti Ram devoted himself to the study of medicine and from his dealings with the common people came to be known as a deeply religious and Godfearing man of his time. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had a lot of respect for him and used to call him his “Guru” or teacher. Bhai Vasti Ram died in 1802 at the age of 94 and his body was cremated at the spot where his samadhi now stands.Bhai Vasti Ram's Samadhi

The samadhi, though in shambles, is a polished amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim motifs in Sikh architecture, and is an authentication of the sophisticated taste of the Sikh milieu of that time. Despite its miniscule appearance against the backdrop of the massive Lahore Fort, the structure captures one's attention through its exploit of white marble on the exterior surface, which was once inlaid with multihued semiprecious stones in floral motifs. The main door is kept on the north side of the square structure which is placed on a square podium. According to Kanhaiya Lal, there used to be a tank with fountains just in front of the podium; however, it is no longer extant.

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