Siraj-ud-Din Gilani's Shrine

The shrine of Syed Siraj-ud-Din Gilani is located close to the Tomb of Mir Niamat Khan, just south of Ghorey Shah Road and east of Bhogiwal Road. The 300 year old mausoleum has been ruthlessly resurfaced in modern cement in overzealousSiraj-ud-Din Gilani's Shrine attempts to renovate. The dome is sloping like that of Mian Mir's shrine. The walls were originally covered with lime plaster which over the years had turned black, giving it the name "Kala Burj" or Black Tower. The building is of quadrangular form, and the north, east, and west sides have latticed brick work, to the height of a man, applied to the walls. The entrance is provided by a flight of steps to the south. The grave of the saint is in an underground chamber. There is a small door along the southern face of the stairs, providing access to the underground chamber. The saint died in 1727 AD during the reign of Muhammed Shah.

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