Rasul Shahyun's Tomb

This crumbling tomb is located northeast of Chilla of Shah Badr Diwan and about four hundred meters west of Mian Khan's Tomb. Rasul Shahyun's TombThe circular dome is supported by building of octagonal form. The dome itself is now blackened with age but in the spandrels above the arches, traces of glazed pottery work still exist. The chajja is supported by corbels, six on each side. The octagonal building originally stood on a raised platform, of which traces can still be seen. Beneath the platform was an underground chamber in which were interred the remains of the personage in whose honour the edifice was raised. His name cannot be ascertained but according to Latif, the dome was called Rasul Shahyun ka Maqbara (tomb) by the people of the area because of the followers of the "Shahyun sect" having located themselves there during the time of the Sikhs.

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