Mir Niamat Khan's Tomb

Mir Niamat Khan's Tomb is situated to the south of Bhogiwal and north of G.T. (Grand Trunk) road, in the locality of Babghbanpura. Mir Niamat Khan TombHemmed in by the surrounding houses, it is a handsome quadrangular  tomb, surmounted by a dome of beautiful glazed pottery work, supported by arches. The arches stand of pillars of solid masonry. The tomb originally sat atop a quadrangular platform, which is no longer extant. Beneath the dome are four graves, the larger central one being that of Mir Niamat Khan. There used to be a garden surrounding the building which was already gone by the time Latif wrote his account in the late 1800s.

Niamat Khan was the commander of artillery in the time of Shah Jahan. South of the tomb is a large mosque with three domes and three arches. It was built by Mir Niamat Khan.  The mosque exists to this day, however, has now been separated from the tomb of its builder by the dense growth of houses in the area.

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