State Guest House

The buildings of the State Guest House are located in the Canal Bank area on the Upper Mall Road. The Guest House is set at some distance from the main road, and even though a gate is located on the Mall, the usual access to the estate is from the side road which leads to the rear of the main building. Although, for security reasons you may not be allowed to enter the premises, you can enjoy viewing the elegant regency style piece of architecture through the iron railings from the main road.

The comparatively chaste, graceful central block was built during the 1870s probably during the viceroyalty of Lord Lytton, to provide suitable accommodation when he visited Lahore in 1877.

The accent to the simply rendered two-storey building is provided by its projecting centreŚconsisting of simple Roman arches on the ground, and a deeply shaded verandah on the first floor, its roof supported on simple Doric columns. A similar architectural vocabulary is employed in two flanking blocks, which endow the ensemble with a certain unity. All the buildings, with their plastered and white painted facades are set off to very good effect by the lush green of the surrounding lawns.

After Independence the estate served as the Civil Services Academy and was part of the Civil Services Academy next door. However, during the time of hosting the Islamic Summit in 1974, the building was declared a State Guest House and is now under the control of Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The estate extends up to the canal bank.

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