Qila Gujjar Singh

Qila Gujjar Singh (Fort of Gujjar Singh) was a residential area in environs of Lahore. Qila Gujjar SinghIt was designated a fort in April 1765 when the city was parcelled out among the three Bhangi sardars; Lehna Singh, Sobha Singh, and Gujjar Singh. The area outside the walled city of Lahore, about five square miles, towards the Shalimar Gardens, fell to the share of Sardar Gujjar Singh. Here, he built and entrance gateway as well as a number of residential complexes using the bricks pilfered from the palaces of Baghbanpura. To this day, the area is still known as Qila Gujjar Singh and a few walls of that old fort can still be seen in a street between Nicholson Road and Empress Road.

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