Nawab Zakariya Khan Mosque

This small mosque is situated in the Baghbanpura area, southwest of shrine of Madhu Lal Hussein. The mosque was built by Nawab Zakaria Khan, who was the governor of Lahore during the reign of Muhammed Shah. The front arch has the following Persian inscription in blue letters of enamelled tile work and gives the date of construction as 1731.

"In the time of the king, the asylum of the country,
Muhammad Shah, the king of Hindustan.
The learned, the just, the benevolent of the age,
In the field of battle like a fierce lion,
The most distinguished of His Majesty’s court,
Whose ill-wisher, even if he is Jamshed,
Is trembling, through fear, like a cane,
And a man of such great celebrity that the fame of his virtue
Has spread in all directions like the scent of a flower,
Built, at his own costs, a well and a mosque,
Lofty, splendid, and imposing.
Merely in the name of God has he constructed this edifice,
That the devotees might perform their pray
And future reward resulting from such prayers
Be bestowed on its founder
O God ! protect it with Thy grace
And preserve it from destruction
He built this substantial mosque,
Together withfair well,
Close to the mausoleum of the Holy Saint,
Possessing the knowledge of the mysteries of God,
He who is known under the title of Lal Husain,
The dust of whose shoes is as antimony for the eyes.
When the mason, built with unique skill,
This mosque and well,
The date of the foundation was
The good mosque (illegible).
Another chronogram:
This place of private and public worship
Was founded by the chief of virtuous fame.
Whoever should desire to know the date of its foundation,
Let him be informed that it is one thousand one hundred and forty four.

The building at present shows drastic repairs carried out by non-professional residents of the area.

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