Mercantile Structures on Mall Road

Traversing Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam (the Upper Mall), we find that the stretch between this crossing and Regal Chowk carries several historically important buildings. The walk on the slightly winding Upper Mall is extremely pleasant especially if you keep a look out for interesting mercantile structures, which are still extant and are located on both sides of this important thoroughfare, amidst several new developments.

These buildings built by the native merchant princes represent the late 19th and early 20th century prosperity of the local mercantile class. It is the eclectic mix of different styles which is fascinating. Referred to as 'imperial vernacular', these buildings carry an interesting medley of European and local imagery, and were built by the rising mercantile community of the subcontinent.

On the two sides of the historic Upper Mall, you will notice Dawar building (41, The Mall), Dhoni Chand Building (38, The Mall), Jan Muhammad Building (34-35, The Mall) with its distinctive end cupolas. Sir Ganga Ram Building built by the famous Lahore philanthropist, Dayal Sing Mansion laid out around a horseshoe space, the building presently occupied by National Distributors, Ahmad Mansions (49, The Mall) with its clock tower, and the impressive Ghulam Rasool Building, its long facade dominated by a central cupola tower.

Some of these buildings are now being taken up for restoration by the local administration and it is hoped that soon The Mall will be able to regain some of its old glory.

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