G.O.R. and Chamba House

If you would like to enjoy the taste of a quarter of Lahore much influenced by the Garden City concept of Ebenezer Howard, you will need to enter the Golf Estate, in the Civil Lines of Lahore, which is located opposite the Aitchison College estate, across the Upper Mall.

You can turn into G.O.R. on Club Road, which will allow you to follow the winding streets, and enjoy the interesting layout of small bungalows in large compounds with well maintained trees and verdant shrubbery—an effort worth the experience.

G.O.R. (Government Officers' Residential Estate), is a well planned enclave where well-designed bungalows with projecting porches were built for the use of civil servants belonging to the elite I.C.S. (Indian Civil Service), later the C.S.P. (the Civil Service of Pakistan). It is an area that was developed during the early 20th century to provide civil servants an exclusive and charming environment. Although the bungalows are small and rendered in simplified classical style, they are placed in generous lots. The mature trees have added to the calm and leafy atmosphere of the estate.

The location of the estate was obviously selected with care, bordered as it is by some of the most exclusive estates in the city. To the north east, across the Upper Mall lie the grounds of Government House and Aitchison College; on its west the enormous Bagh-e-Jinnah or Lawrence Gardens; and in the south the race course, ensuring a freshness of air and a minimum of traffic congestion for those who toiled hard in the service of the empire.

From Club Road in the G.O.R. you might like to turn right into Golf Road which leads you to the only Anglo-Mughal fantasy in the Golf Estate—the Chamba House, a building utilized as a government guest house. Although an extremely interesting structure, presently painted an unfortunate garish red, you will not be able to enter it without official permission, since for the time being it is occupied by one of the law enforcement agencies.

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