Fatehgarh Gardens

These Mughal gardens were once located in the area of Fatehgarh, two miles south east of Shalimar. The gardens are no longer extant as a whole and only pieces of them survive which can be seen incorporated in the various houses and other structures of the present day locality of Fatehgarh. There were two important gardens in the area. Fatehgarh Gardens

The first and bigger garden, measuring 880 feet by 890 feet was built either during Jahangir's or Shah Jahan's reign. The garden was square in plan with a square extension of 140 feet on the eastern side. It was enclosed by a 12 feet high boundary wall having four octagonal corner bastions. Portions of the wall and one of the corner bastions still survive while most of the rest has been lost to land appropriation over time. The wall was strengthened with half octagonal bastions at regular intervals. The main entrance was situated in the middle of the western wall. The main distinguishing feature of this elegant gateway was semi hexagonal chajjas a little below the parapet wall, one each on either side. Until a few years ago, traces of a baradari were reported to be extant but they are no longer to be found.

The second, smaller garden measuring 194 feet by 180 feet, is reported to have been built by Dara Shaikoh. The double storied gateway was located on the south side. An impressive baradari existed in the middle of the garden surrounded on three sides by a pool. The soffit of the main entrance archway and baradari was painted with delicate fresco paintings in floral and geometric designs. A large well outside the northern wall provided water, which was brought through a conduit built in the wall.

Portions of the gateway of one of these gardens still exist, incorporated into the walls of one of the houses in the area.

*Photo courtesy of Lucy Peck.

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